Annual ryegrass

lolium multiflorum (westerwoldicum)

The annual, not winter-hard ryegrass has a medium cultivation significance compared to other grass varieties.
In practice, the cultivation as catch crop after the grain harvest is predominate.
In addition, the annual ryegrass can also applied as cover fruit (so-called nursing grass) for permanent pastures as well as in connection with Welsh ryegrass in feed crop production (respectively spring sowing) as well as the usage in biogas systems.
The total yield in the main crop production, subject to good water supply, is also high and good nutrition supply considerably contributes to the exploitation of the full productivity.

Seed quantity: 40-50 kg/ha

Sowing time: Depending on usage - spring or late summer

Sowing depth: 10 - 20 mm

Row distance: 12 - 15 cm

Fertilisation: Up to the first cut 80-100 kg N/ha


Further information regarding the usage of
annual ryegrass available under feed crop production mixtures feed crop production mixtures .