Hybrid ryegrass

lolium hybridum (x boucheanum Kunth)

Hybrid ryegrass is a cross between German and Welsh ryegrass and optimally combines yield, quality and endurance of both hybridisation partners.
Depending on the characteristics of the hybridisation, varieties can tend more toward the German ryegrass and offer the associated advantages such as minimal susceptibility for auswinterung, a dense root network and the greater endurance.

Respectively, the hybrid ryegrass has varieties which are more oriented toward the Welsh ryegrass which combine characteristic such as a higher yield, greater susceptibility for auswinterung and a less dense root network.

Seed quantity: 40 - 50 kg/ha as pure seed, 20 - 30 kg/ha as catch crop

Sowing time: Depending on usage - spring (catch crop) or late summer (pure seed)

Sowing depth: 10 - 20 mm

Row distance: 12 - 15 cm

Fertiliser: As main fruit in spring 80 - 100 kg N/ha


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