Winter triticale


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Triticale is a hybridisation between wheat and rye and unites the positive characteristics such as profitability, baking quality and corn quality of the wheat with the winter robust, undemanding character with respect to climate and soil and the resistance against diseases of the rye. This is how the name was created which is composed of TRITIcum aestivum for wheat and seCALE cereal for rye. Even though it is possible to cultivate Triticale on almost any soil, the cultivation focuses on less advantageous position with respect to climate, as wheat in good positions and rye on low-nutrition sandy soil provide higher yields. Triticale is still a very young grain with approx. 30 years of cultivation, but it was able to successfully and quickly establish itself in many countries due to its good characteristics.

Seed quantity: 120 - 180 kg/ha (250 - 350 corns/m²)
Sowing time: September - October
Sowing depth: 20 - 40 mm
Row distance: 12 - 15 cm
Yield: 50 - 90 dt/ha