Winter rye

secale cereale

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Sowing of winter rye occurs between mid-September to end of October, depending on the region, and can still occur in December in exceptional cases. It must be observed that it requires vernalisation to overcome growth inhibition, as do all winter grain types. It is an undemanding and disease resistant fruit which can vary in all directions of crop rotation. Winter rye is better adaptable to cool and dry conditions than the more profitable wheat. It is therefore the grain for regions with extensive sandy soil, but still poses special demands on seed, seed bed and seed time.

Hybrid rye is able to produce the highest corn yield on light to medium soil with excellent nutrition efficiency and stress tolerance. With this process one achieves a higher cultivation security at such locations.

Seed quantity: 70 - 130 kg/ha (200 - 275 corns/m²)
Seed time: September - October
Seed depth: 10 - 30 mm
Row distance: 12 - 15 cm
Yield: 40 - 90 dt/ha