Winter oats

avena sativa

Despite the comparatively minor significance to summer oats cultivation in Germany, winter oats produce a good yield in warmer countries.

Cultivation in cooler countries is too uncertain due to lack of winter hardness. As a matter of principle, it has little demands with respect to the location, whereby those with good water supply should be preferred. The additional yield of the winter oats is essentially realised with a greater planting density and the reconsolidation of the seed bed by way of rollers for a better plant development.

Oats exhibit a very slow development and should, in order to reach winter strong and sufficiently stocked, be sowed rather early (at about the same time as winter barley). It should be observed that late sowing can lead to insufficient pre-winter development and increased out-wintering risk and that the frost and snow resistance are below the level of winter barley.

Seed quantity: 120 - 160 kg/ha (275 - 375 corns/m²)

Sowing time: September - October

Sowing depth: 20 - 40 mm

Row distance: 12 - 15 cm

Yield: 50 - 60 dt/ha