The correct selection of types and varieties depending on sowing time, location, cultivation intensity, purpose, susceptibility for deceases and genetic characteristics of the plant is the basis and prerequisite for the crop yield and the economic as well as environmentally friendly production.

Many factors require consideration with the huge variety of types in summer or winter cultivation.

Not only as a dealer and processor, AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG stands for high quality in the seed cultivation and the utilisation of "Z-seed" also as propagation organisation.

Within the production chain (preliminary stage --> Basis --> Z-seed) we take on tasks such as storage, transport, sales promotion and quality assurance as well as propagation planning.

Please check the current descriptive wheat type list for all information regarding the summer and winter wheat types (incl. hybrids).

You find further information regarding the individual wheat types and varieties in the sub-pages of the menu on the left.