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Information regarding the handling of bated seed

These seeds are were necessary bated with plant protection to protect them against diseases/pests (see label). Details regarding the plant protection applied and in particular their application regulations and constraints as specified by the German Federal Office for Consumer Protection and Food Safety (BVL) can be retrieved from the BVL homepage BVL homepage.

The following precautions must be heeded for your own safety and that of the environment.


  • Keep bated seeds separate from food and fodder
  • Bated seeds may not be consumed, processed or used as fodder
  • Bated seeds may not be given a follow-up treatment or blended with unbated seeds
  • They must be kept out of reach of children, livestock and wild animals
  • Avoid contact with skin and respiratory tract by wearing suitable protective clothing
  • Hands and bare areas of the skin must be washed after work and before eating
  • Spilled seeds must be removed
  • Keep bated seeds and residues (dusts, broken corn) away from surface water
  • Load and unload seed bags and pallets gently to avoid abrasion of seed dressing agents
  • Seed bags must be handled with caution. Do not throw or drop and protect against damage
  • Store bated seeds dry, cool, frost-free, well ventilated and vibration-free
  • Avoid direct exposure to sunrays and heat sources

Before sowing:

  • The formation of dust must be avoided when opening the seed bags and filling the sowing machine. Wear a suitable dust mask and protective clothing where necessary
  • Dust from the bottom of the seed bags may not be filled into the sowing machine

While sowing:

  • When using a pneumatic sowing machine, the dust arising from the bated seeds must be routed towards the soil or into the soil by means of deflectors
  • For the protection of birds and mammals, bated seeds must be completely worked into the soil (observe the sowing depth)
  • and the metering equipment must be switched off in good time before the shares are lifted to prevent any subsequent trickling

After sowing:

  • The formation of dust must be avoided when cleaning sowing machines and transport vehicles
  • Empty bags or residual seeds may not remain in the environment or be used for other purposes but must be disposed off in accordance with local specifications

If there are symptoms of poisoning, the poisoning emergency number must be immediately called at: 030/19240.
Immediately consult a doctor. Please keep the label from the bag at hand for this purpose.

Information regarding the handling of bated seed for download Information regarding the handling of bated seed for download