plant protection

The plant protection sector comprises wholesale of plant protection in large and small packages as well as foils, nets, yarns and special fertilisers.

From an effective logistic of own plant protection storage facilities the professionals in plant protection ensure the tailored supply of agricultural cooperative society customers with tested and approved plant protection.

Together with the agricultural sales consultation the furthermore advise customers regarding the proper and efficient implementation of the range and support sales with extensive information material.

  • Field of activity

    The field of activity of AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG covers large parts of North-Rhine Westphalia, to Lower Saxony, Saxony Anhalt and Brandenburg as well as Schleswig-Holstein and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.

    The plant protection sector in this field of activity is extensively covered with various sales locations and central plant protection storage facilities. We warrant that our customers quickly receive information regarding products, problem-solving and application specifications as well as products provided on time for the requirement.

    The local Raiffeisen product associations are thus able to provide the preparations on time and/or simultaneously utilise and reduce their inventory of plant protection.

  • Product range

    The distribution to the local Raiffeisen product associations is organised decentralised and close to the customer within the regions. Our range comprises plant protection in large and small packages, foils, nets, yarns and special fertilisers.

    Be it for agriculture, landscaping and forest, public greens or golf and sporting facilities - we offer the right product for any application.

  • PAMIRA - Packaging material return

    Free of charge return

    PAMIRA, the packaging material return Agrar, is a simple system for the safe and environmentally friendly return of empty plant protection packaging.

    Agriculturist collect the packaging and return them - completely empty, rinsed and dried - free of charge to one of the approx. 300 nationwide collection points at specified dates once every year. After verification that the conditions of acceptance have been fulfilled, the packages are accepted, pressed and used as material or energy supply: for example, in a recycling operation which processes them to plastic products, e.g. plastic coating for underground pipes.

    The PAMIRA disposal system was developed on a voluntary basis by the German plant protection industry in cooperation with agricultural wholesale during the 1990's.

    The costs for the collection, logistics and utilisation of the packaging is borne by the manufacturers of plant protection. The trade provides the collection points.

    AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG supports the comprehensive return of empty plant protection containers in Germany with numerous collection points and dates.

    Where can they be delivered?

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    For further questions, please contact:

    Mrs Linda Brüning:

    Phone: 0251/682-2126

    Fax: 0251/682-4126

    This is how it works ... little effort, but important

    In order for PAMIRA to be able to ensure the safe and environmentally friendly disposal and recycling of the returned plant protection containers, some matters require urgent attention during the return:

    The packaging

    • has to carry the PAMIRA brand
    • has to be rinsed
    • has to be dry (leave to drip-dry)
    • have to be sorted according to plastic, metal and bags
    • the covers have to be delivered separately
    • containers larger than 50 l have to be cut
    • Also volume-flexible packaging such as sacks, bags and plastic and paper boxes are accepted.

    The packages are checked by trained personnel upon delivery to the collection point. Unfortunately, plant protection packages which do not comply with the acceptance criteria have to be rejected.

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  • Handling plant protection

    plant protection applied according to the guidelines of good practice provide high yields and secure the harvest. You thus increase the efficiency of all applied operating resources in agriculture.

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