Project construction as a general contractor for groups and third-party customers

The AGRAVIS project construction AGRAVIS project construction experts know all about large buildings. They plan and build mills, Raiffeisen Markets Raiffeisen Markets, agricultural centres, and machinery locations machinery locations for the group, as well as for third-party customers. And they do them all at the same time, such as recently with the Raiffeisen Market in Lüdenscheid, the oat mill in Groß Ippener, and the new AGRAVIS Technik Heide-Altmark GmbH branch in Wittingen AGRAVIS Technik Heide-Altmark GmbH branch in Wittingen.

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On the 1st October 2017, project construction was handed over from construction to AGRAVIS Property Management as part of restructuring. As the general contractor, the team plans and builds large objects focusing on agricultural technology, trade, service, and industry. The main customers are cooperatives, land trades, millwrights, industries, and workshop operations.

Sound planning and bold decisions

In cooperation with Raiffeisen-Südwestfalen eG, project construction completed the third Raiffeisen Market within the last six years. The client observed subsequent positive effects on retail in Ennepetal, Halver, and now Lüdenscheid (Ennepe-Ruhr district and Mark district). “Sound planning and bold decisions often create clear advantages in retail,” emphasised Wolfgang Zimmerman, Project Leader with AGRAVIS project construction. Together with Marius Scholten, Managing Director of Raiffeisen Südwestfalen, an agreement was reached to completely step away from traditional structures and position themselves on the market as a valued retailer for everyone, not only for agriculture. Scholten is more than satisfied with the long-standing partnership: “Every project is on schedule, realised without problems, and remains within estimated costs. As a client, that is much more important than haggling over a few cents on tiles.”

One of Europe’s most modern oat mills

The next project is now essentially finished as well. In Groß Ippener (Oldenburg district), an oat mill has been under construction since 2017. Project construction will create one of Europe’s most modern oat mills for Schälmühlenwerk GmbH & Co. KG. “The construction workers brought in 2,300 cubic metres of concrete for the foundation alone, which is two meters thick in places,” explained AGRAVIS Project Leader Daniel Müller. The mill should be finished in June – a very visible figurehead for the client, the community, and AGRAVIS project construction.

New technology site

Project construction plans an additional opening for a few months later. Ground was broken on 29 January in Wittigen (Gifhorn district). Project construction is building a new agricultural technology site of approximately 20,000 square meters for AGRAVIS Technik Heide-Altmark GmbH. It is scheduled to be completed in 2018. Keith Kröger, the site manager, is responsible for project construction.

More big projects

AGRAVIS Niedersachsen-Süd GmbH (ANS) and project construction also have big plans together for 2018. AGRAVIS is planning the new construction of a silo storeroom in Barmke as a replacement for damaged silo cells. In Beddingen, grain collection facilities will be expanded in the first of three planned expansion stages. Beddingen is especially challenging for project construction and ANS. “Project construction will realise very large silo cells here for the first time,” explained Daniel Müller: specifically three regular rounded steel cells (5,000 tonnes each) 19.6 metres in diameter, and a rounded steel cell (14,700 tonnes) 28 metres in diameter. Another exciting challenge for the big building experts.