AGRAVIS Technik Hessen-Pfalz GmbH is in the starting blocks

As of 1 October, the former Claas Hessen GmbH bears the name AGRAVIS. Under the name AGRAVIS Technik Hessen-Pfalz GmbH AGRAVIS Technik Hessen-Pfalz GmbH , it is clearly positioned as a subsidiary of AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG in its more than 300 km area of operation in the regions of Kurhessen and Rhenish Hesse/Palatinate. AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG had acquired a majority share in Claas Hessen GmbH last year.

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The Fritzlar location of AGRAVIS Technik Hessen-Pfalz GmbH.AGRAVIS Technik Hessen-Pfalz GmbH is in the starting blocks
The Fritzlar location of AGRAVIS Technik Hessen-Pfalz GmbH.

With this acquisition, AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG further expands its business activities as one of the largest suppliers of agricultural technology agricultural technology in Germany toward central and southern Germany. Gerd Schulz, managing director of AGRAVIS Technik Holding GmbH, emphasised: “AGRAVIS Technik Hessen-Pfalz GmbH is a high-performing and willing partner for the agricultural sector. In this region, we are the exclusive sales partner of Claas and our workshop and service departments also work brand-independently - another strength of our large group.”

Over the past months, AGRAVIS has invested in its subsidiary. In Bobenheim-Roxheim/Rhineland-Palatinate, the firm built a new sales and service centre to cover the new sales area. In November, AGRAVIS is going to open a new location in Freigericht/Hesse. The company is leaving its former location in Gelnhausen and moving into a substantially larger facility five kilometres away.

“Our customers benefit from our quick access and the availability of open-brand spare parts, our qualified employees, an extensive mobile service network, and much more,” Stefan Kremper, managing director of AGRAVIS Technik Hessen-Pfalz GmbH, is pleased to report.

The Claas product range complements AGRAVIS Technik Hessen-Pfalz GmbH at its four locations in Hesse and in the Palatinate region and at the seven partner companies associated with the GmbH by adding the product lines of Horsch, Väderstad, Maschio, Rabe, Kotte or Trioliet, among others.

“With AGRAVIS Technik Hessen-Pfalz GmbH, we are further expanding our market position within the regional agricultural technology trade and also strengthening our collaboration with the Claas Group. This offers us an opportunity to extend the sales region for Claas technology and potentially reach new customers,” Gerd Schulz explains.