New NetFarming module: Yield Data Processing

AGRAVIS NetFarming GmbH AGRAVIS NetFarming GmbHhas just launched its first product capable of processing yield data. ‘Yield Data Processing’ is a new NetFarming module that helps customers clearly pinpoint differences in yield and thereby establish a sound basis for future management measures.

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As well as undertaking work in the field, modern harvesters can increasingly document information on the variability of yield within cutting areas. Crop yield is not usually identical across all parts of a field. By creating a link with precisely aligned GPS signals, geo-referenced yield differences are recorded during the harvest. In this way, yield mapping can provide concrete indications of actual yield harvested while highlighting cutting areas that account for differences in yield. For farmers to take these findings into consideration in subsequent sowing, fertilisation and crop protection cycles, they must be able to evaluate and utilise the data collected.

Evaluating information easily

This is precisely where the new Yield Data Processing module from AGRAVIS NetFarming GmbH comes in. Farmers and even contractors can now import new yield mapping as well as historic yield data into the NetFarming portal. “The software revises and edits yield data, and clearly visualises it in the form of yield maps. This means information on harvesters is tangible and easy to evaluate,” explains product manager Daniel Werner.

“Where a farmer assessing yield maps notices that yield is varying significantly in a cutting area on a regular basis, site-specific management of that area can potentially increase yield substantially,” continues Werner. The module therefore provides a useful basis for making decisions on future management activities.

Fields with a digital footprint

The critical advantage compared to other evaluation tools on the market lies in the data processing that the new module offers for the first time as a feature, in contrast to many existing software packages. The yield data is combined with a management zone card. On the basis of satellite images taken over several years (remote sensing), it visualises site-specific variability in a cutting area. “It is almost like the field has a digital footprint”, says the product manager. Compiling yield maps with a management zone card creates an optimised data foundation that minimises year-specific effects and missing measured values from sensor technology.

The collated information is used to provide the farmer with a yield potential map in the NetFarming portal. Using this map, the farmer can plan further measures for the next cultivation period more precisely, exploit land potential more effectively and thereby increase yield.

Further information on the module can be found here here.