Marvin Zemke transports and repairs machines for TecVis GmbH

His arrival is eagerly awaited: "It's good that you're here, Mr. Zemke. The lawnmower won't start!" explains the customer when he arrives. This is no problem for the young machinery expert from TecVis GmbH TecVis GmbH.

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Machinery expert Zemke collects a lawnmower with the TecVis GmbH truck.Marvin Zemke transports and repairs machines for TecVis GmbH
Machinery expert Zemke collects a lawnmower with the TecVis GmbH truck.

He skilfully wheels the self-propelled lawn mower into the truck using two loading ramps. After a repair, the machine is back in business in no time – just in time for the start of the lawn mowing season. "I have 5,000 square metres of lawn at the back of my house, and since my husband died, it's not so easy to look after any more," explains the 80-year old customer. She is relieved that she can always rely on the professional service of TecVis GmbH in Münster, a subsidiary of AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG, from whom she can get quick and straightforward help.

Mechatronics apprenticeship for agricultural and construction machinery successfully completed despite learning disability

Marvin Zemke drives 800 kilometres a week and is knowledgeable about machinery. This young man from Münster is a trained mechatronics specialist for agricultural and construction machinery working for TecVis GmbH. Aged 23, he transports and repairs ride-on mowers, standard mowers, machines for golf courses and spindle bodies. His learning disability is something that rarely crosses his mind. "I can ask my foreman Wilfried Hebben and my branch manager David Schulze Hillert anything at all and they are patient if I get stuck. It works really well."

Pre-vocational internship and "Promoting learning" programme

He also took part in the "Lernen fördern" (Promoting learning) programme, because he had problems with mathematics at school. He attended a Montessori school up to grade 10 and was then given support with starting a career. "I looked at lots of options and did internships as a butcher, hairdresser and electrician through the Chamber of Trade, but I really liked it at AGRAVIS right away!" he says.

The "Lernen fördern" pre-vocational education scheme supports people with disabilities and helps them get their careers off the ground. The "Lernen fördern" organisation handled the theoretical part of Marvin Zemke's apprenticeship and TecVis GmbH the practical part. In concrete terms, this means that during an eight-month internship, Marvin Zemke was able to calmly settle into his job and the company and was supervised by a mentor throughout this time and during the three and a half year apprenticeship.