IQ-Plant PRO crop farming app gets off to a good start

The Plant Cultivation department of AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG launched the PRO version of the IQ-Plant crop farming app IQ-Plant crop farming app one year ago. The app has had over 10,000 additional downloads since the PRO version was launched.

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The new fertilising weather and product details functions which can be obtained through additional registration within the app offer further useful information. The fertilising weather function offers users a fertilising weather forecast for the specific location for three days in advance. It determines the best period to apply crop protection based on particular parameters. The PRO version also includes further product details on the recommended crop protection products and cultivation details for the recommended key varieties.

In future, the IQ-Plant app will provide users with free current plant cultivation recommendations and warnings from their region and for all significant cultures. Local and regional important dates for the Raiffeisen cooperative are shown in the app and can be transferred to the user's personal calendar. A total of 900 contacts at AGRAVIS and the local Raiffeisen cooperative can be reached by phone or e-mail using the app.

Click here here for further information about the functions and to download the app.