AGRAVIS Technik Raiffeisen GmbH Bockenem opens its doors on 1 April

Moving just under three kilometres within Bockenem, from Karl-Heinz-Bäde-Straße to Walter-Althoff-Straße, has paid off for AGRAVIS Technik Raiffeisen GmbH in every way. Clients and interested visitors alike can be impressed by the modern workshop and the motivated employees. On Saturday, 1 April, Bockenem site Bockenem site will hold an open day.

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AGRAVIS Technik Raiffeisen GmbH has settled into its new location in Bockenem. On the open day on 1 April, visitors can also have a look around the workshop.AGRAVIS Technik Raiffeisen GmbH Bockenem opens its doors on 1 April
AGRAVIS Technik Raiffeisen GmbH has settled into its new location in Bockenem. On the open day on 1 April, visitors can also have a look around the workshop.

From 10 am to 4 pm, the range of products made at the location will be on display and guests will be able to visit the workshop. In addition, there will be something for everyone, such as a lawn mower driving track and chainsaw carving demonstrations.

AGRAVIS Technik Raiffeisen GmbH has been in its new location for over a quarter of a year. The location offers considerably better conditions for the 16 employees – especially for repairing large pieces of machinery. “That is important both for the fitters and the customers,” explains Andreas Meister, Managing Director of AGRAVIS Technik Raiffeisen GmbH. One of Bockenem's focal points is services relating to self-propelled beet lifters.

Shorter assembly times

The new location was ready in time for the 2016 beet campaign. The harvesting associations, which are taken care of by AGRAVIS Technik Raiffeisen GmbH in Bockenem, drive their beet lifters into a hall with a roof height of 5.50 metres, for maintenance and repairs. The fitters have a workshop with a surface area of 800 square metres. The 5-tonne ceiling crane and the computer-controlled fresh oil system facilitate the exchange of heavy machine components and the filling of machine oils, even in places which are difficult to access. “With this technology, we can achieve shorter assembly times for our customers,” explains workshop manager Christian Bolz. Both mobile lifting systems have already provided good support in a number of situations. With it, even the largest tractors can be lifted in the workshop (independent of the location), e.g. for changing wheels or repairing.

The workshop will be upgraded even further

According to site manager Patrick Renner, it will be fitted with a brake testing facility during the year. “This means that we will be able to carry out precise braking tests, and not just within the scope of TÜV tests,” says the agricultural machinery expert. “We are also expanding our range of products with a focus on the transport industry.”

The service offered by the Bockenem site also includes a professional tyre service, which covers the entire spectrum of the industry, from wheelbarrow wheels to car tyres and large tractor wheels. Tyre fitting devices and the necessary balancing technology were already available in the old workshop.

Site surface area of 13,000 square metres

The new site covers a surface area of 13,000 square metres. The functional building covers 2,400 square meters, of which the offices, exhibition hall and spare parts warehouse occupy 920 square meters and the workshop covers 810 square metres. In addition, a garage covering 650 square metres and with a free span of 36 metres has been constructed, which is also used for the legally compliant TÜV for sprayers.

On 1 April, visitors will be able to see the new, modern location for themselves. At the same time, the neighbouring companies Holzland Gundelach Holzland Gundelach and AGRAVIS Niedersachsen Süd AGRAVIS Niedersachsen Süd will also open their doors. “It will be like a mini trade fair with product presentations and a lot of entertainment,” says Andreas Meister, excitedly.

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