International Women's Day: Perspectives at AGRAVIS

A day for all women – International Women's Day – is celebrated all over the world on 8 March. For over 100 years, this stay has been putting a focus on women’s perspectives in the world of work. At AGRAVIS, women contribute significantly to economic success. It is our opinion at AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG that International Women's Day is as important as ever for advocating equality for women. We want to show that the appreciation of women is also necessary in the working life, as only mixed teams achieve the best results and examine things from different viewpoints. We would therefore like to introduce three of our female employees contributing to AGRAVIS's success in completely different fields of work.

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Sarah Voß is a young feedstuff nutrition consultant for AGRAVIS. International Women's Day: Perspectives at AGRAVIS 
Sarah Voß is a young feedstuff nutrition consultant for AGRAVIS.

AGRAVIS promotes ideas – Sarah Voß

From East Frisia to Dortmund and from the Dutch border to Brunswick, Sarah Voß advises farmers in her sales region on piglet breeding products. She is one of the few women in her business; she grew up on a farm, studied agricultural sciences and got the opportunity to work for AGRAVIS as a specialist consultant for early piglet nutrition specialist consultant for early piglet nutrition. "This is a complex topic that is not self-explanatory but requires a great deal of advice", says Sarah Voß based on her own experience.

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Her job is varied, as it requires on-site consulting as well as work from home – both equally important. It is from home that she prepares training material, writes e-mails or speaks on the telephone with colleagues: "It is important in my job to exchange views with my colleagues whilst remaining constantly in contact with customers", says Sarah Voß.

Staying power required

"It is a basic requirement for a young professional who wishes to work in consultancy to be able to approach people openly and be communicative in order to enter discussions with customers." In addition, a degree of staying power is important as not every discussion leads to a deal, says the young consultant. From the very first day she received a great deal of support from the company and her colleagues. For Sarah Voß it is important that her ideas are encouraged, and also that she has a great deal of freedom in establishing her working day – including the option of comprehensive further training.

Heart and soul commitment – Ursula Röttger

Probably every day is Women's Day for Ursula Röttger, as she is the only female employee at the Gronau-Epe location of AGRAVIS Technik BvL GmbH AGRAVIS Technik BvL GmbH. She has been branch manager since 2016, but has already been working since her apprenticeship at Raiffeisen Central Genossenschaft and later at AGRAVIS Technik in Gronau-Epe. In addition to having a family, the trained office administrator managed her tasks in the branch – first by the hour, then half-days. She is a woman of action who was offered the position of branch manager at AGRAVIS Technik BvL in Gronau-Epe as part of the reorganisation of the AGRAVIS Technik companies. "My boss told me I would need a good reason to decline," says the manager in retrospect. In promoting her to branch manager her boss confirmed that he is convinced by her performance and qualifications.

Commitment all the way to the top

Ursula Röttger is accepted and respected by her colleagues. "We are a small location and therefore a good cohesiveness within the team is important above anything else," she says. The new role initially took some getting used to. "Prior to this I was already taking care of a lot and I am used to assuming responsibility," says the branch manager. Ursula Röttger might be the only woman at her location, but the appointment of a woman in branch management is no longer the exception. Vera Etmann also manages a branch of AGRAVIS Technik BvL GmbH in Meppen.

Ann-Kathrin Hanesch is looking to the future

Ann-Kathrin Hanesch's task is to make company processes sustainable and to discover potential for optimisation. The 25-year-old started as a trainee at AGRAVIS trainee at AGRAVIS after completing her business administration studies. In this 24-month programme in the controlling area she is developing her specialist expertise and using her empathetic ability in workshops with AGRAVIS's specialist areas and companies.

As well as a structured induction into the specialist area of controlling, Ann-Kathrin Hanesch also receives support through AGRAVIS human resources development. "Through regular feedback discussions, networking meetings and workshops – especially for us trainees – I am staying on the ball of my personal development," says the prospective process manager. Her programme ends in January 2018. "The two years of my trainee programme are giving me the opportunity to apply in practice the knowledge I gained at university and to take away with me valuable tips from experienced colleagues."