A farmer from Emsdetten wins the AGRAVIS advent calendar top prize

“It certainly looks impressive”, said Peter Dust, astonished at the sight of his new gas BBQ. The Emsdetten resident won the top prize that AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG handed out via its popular 2016 Online Advent Calendar 2016 Online Advent Calendar. Peter Dust recently received his new gas BBQ at the Raiffeisen Market Raiffeisen Market in Emsdetten. The XXL model with LED lighting and five different BBQ and cooking surfaces will replace the classic charcoal BBQ in his family’s garden.

Peter Dust stumbled across the AGRAVIS Online Advent Calendar by pure chance at raiffeisenmarkt.de raiffeisenmarkt.de and then took part in the sweepstake almost every day. “I could hardly believe it at first when the prize notification came in”, he said.

BBQ grills in the AGRAVIS online shop raiffeisenmarkt.de raiffeisenmarkt.de

Every day, users were able to open a door via mouse-click on the company website. A brand or a sector within the agricultural trade and service company based in Münster could be found behind each door. Those interested in winning a prize simply had to answer a question and submit the answer via the contact form. Three top prizes were drawn from all contestants. The website registered more than 210,000 visits during the promotional period from 1 to 24 December.

Peter Dust heavily participated and the effort paid off. The official presentation of the Landmann BBQ grill took place at the Raiffeisen Market in Emsdetten with a cheerful atmosphere. Roland Greife, Deputy Press Officer at AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG, Stefan Chmura, Managing Director of Raiffeisen-Markt Emsdetten GmbH, and Nina Kittner, Deputy Market Manager, presented Peter Dust with the top prize in good time for the start of the BBQ season.