AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG indicates attractive price level

The days are getting shorter, the temperature is dropping. Now, at the latest, consumers will once again be turning up the heating thermostat. Those who would like to stay warm through the cold time of year, must make provisions in good time. It does not matter whether that is heating oil heating oil or wood pellets: wood pellets: "Right now it is still early enough to replenish your heating supply," advised Oliver Korting from AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG.

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Do not wait too long now

Since the heating oil prices exhibited a slight downward trend over the past few months, they are now slowly gaining again. In comparison to last year, they are still actually on about the same level. "It is difficult to make a prognosis concerning the development of the market. So long as the demand for oil does not slow down, a sustainable increase in price is not foreseeable. However, we must assume seasonal short-term fluctuations," said Korting. Those who still need to fill up their tank, should not wait much longer to do so if purchasing heating oil.

Price of pellets not fluctuating as much

The price of wood pellets is exhibiting less severe fluctuations. It is not only in the monthly comparisons that the prices are relatively even. However, consumers can expect relatively constant costs for years to come. Thus in October, customers only need to pay about 1 per cent more than in September. With regard to the supply situation, Korting did warn: "Should there be a sudden onset of winter, there could be possible supply bottlenecks and this could lead to longer waiting periods." Customers should however, remain calm. Even if there were an increase in demand pressure, Raiffeisen Bio-Brennstroffe GmbH Raiffeisen Bio-Brennstroffe GmbHcan secure supply through an associated company of AGARVIS Raiffeisen AG.