New packaging: Miravit poultry products now available in small packs

The products in the Miravit range Miravit range have represented a proven vitalisation and revitalisation concept for livestock for many years. livestock for many years. In poultry farming, the need for liquid supplement feeds supplement feeds is continuing to increase.

"We are noticing that people who keep livestock as a hobby are also requesting this," says Andre Stevens, Product Manager for Poultry at VitaVis GmbH VitaVis GmbH, a subsidiary of AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG. The company is now catering for this growing customer interest from outside large agricultural operations. "We have decided to expand our Miravit range of selected supplement feeds for poultry by adding a small pack," explains Stevens.

The products now available in small packs are Miravit VitaAqua plus, Miravit Eubisan 3000 and Miravit Gallux Relax (in 250 ml bottles) and Miravit EukaMint liquid, which is now available in a small 100 millilitre size. Each pack has a practical dosing mechanism to make it as easy as possible for the poultry farmer poultry farmer. "These are supplement feeds which can stabilise the organism and the physiological digestion of the poultry," says Stevens. He explains that Miravit VitaAqua plus, for example, does this by rapidly providing vitamins and trace elements, and Miravit Gallux Relax, based on essential oils, can increase natural resistance to red mite. Particularly during or after stress situations or changes in climate, Stevens goes on to explain, it is important to improve the animals' organism and wellbeing.

Farmers of smaller poultry flocks can purchase the small packs locally from their Raiffeisen Market Raiffeisen Market.