New-Tec Ost training camp: huge selection of harvesting machinery in the field

There was a traffic jam in a field in Dolgelin in Brandenburg. Combine harvester after combine harvester, tractor after tractor formed a colourful line one after the other. They were all waiting to be used in the practical section of the first "Harvest machinery training camp" held over two days by New-Tec Ost Vertriebsgesellschaft für Agrartechnik mbH New-Tec Ost Vertriebsgesellschaft für Agrartechnik mbH.

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"There are lots of smaller Field Days. We said to ourselves, if we're going to do something, we're going to do it right," explained Tino Neumann. The authorised representative of New-Tec Ost, a subsidiary of AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG, counted a total of 100 customers at the two "Camp Days".

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They learned a lot about harvesting machinery, tractors and tillage in the theoretical part in the morning. In the "Harvesting machinery" block, they got to know the Varifeed HD and Dual Stream cutting units and learned about big baling with PreeShop and round baling. The "Tractor block" was all about operating the T7.HD gear driving simulator and applying ballast and increasing traction through weight optimisation or with a caterpillar. Stubble processing with Horsch was the focus of the "Tillage" section, while "PLM" looked at the benefits of using cutting-edge steering systems and the possible cost savings, and at yield mapping, data systems and management and NH-Connect telemetry.

40 machines for camp participants

30 New-Tec Ost staff and other professionals from the companies New Holland and Horsch led the customers from machine to machine. Five combine harvesters, around 15 tractors, large balers and other agricultural machinery awaited the camp participants. New-Tec Ost had driven a total of around 40 machines onto the field for the two training camp days.

Fascinated vocational college students

The customers went from machine to machine, moving between one workstation and another, and talked shop with experts about the machinery. Sebastian Weilandt, Sales Manager of the Manschnow branch, was delighted: "Our aim with the training camp was to familiarise our customers with different machines, technologies and sizes. We can do this here in a more compact way than ever before." 14 young visitors also came from the Seelow vocational college and were fascinated with the diversity and the possibilities of the modern harvesting machinery.

Supervised practical test

Once the farmers had got to know the machines in theory, it was time to "get their hands on them". They had the opportunity to subject various combine harvesters or tractors to a practical test throughout the whole afternoon. Always accompanied by an expert passenger, they went round and round the two 60-hectare fields of the Landwirtschaftsgenossenschaft Dolgelin e.G. From cutting-edge steering systems to driving with attached tilling machines, they got to try everything out for themselves.

The world's strongest rotor combine harvester

"Some of the participants represented operations of 5,000 hectares or more. Around 75,000 hectares were represented here in total over the two days," explained Neumann. In these cases, powerful harvesting machinery is needed for large areas.
Two special machines that New-Tec Ost had brought to Dolgelin for demonstration purposes were also very large. The CR10.90 from New Holland is the world's strongest rotor combine harvester. With the Dual Stream cutting unit from New Holland, the participants were also treated to an innovation that is new on the German market.

The guests were very satisfied all round. "You can see a huge amount of machinery at a glance here and try it out. That's a whole different thing from just having the machine explained to you," commented one participant. Tino Neumann was also very taken with the training camp première and promised: "We'll definitely do it again."

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