Grain conservation: Grain Save NC 90 – user-friendly and gentle on material

Within the field of grain conservation grain conservation products containing propionic acid are the most widespread. These are provided both as pure acid or in buffered versions. These include Grain Save NC 90.

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With 92%, Grain Save NC 90 does not just have an extremely high content of propionic acid, it is also particularly user-friendly and its effects are safe. Due to its special product formula, it is not caustic. This saves on technology and storage. A comparison with pure propionic acid clearly shows how the material is not so heavily stressed. In the case of pure propionic acid, even the smallest lesions are sufficient to bring about material damage. With Grain Save NC 90, this is different. The special features of this particular mixture with regard to being gentle on the material are clear in this case.
Further information and a video on the topic can be found here here.