Energy paste helps weak suckling piglets get a head start in life

AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG has added a new energy paste to its Miravit Miravit range of supplement feed products: Miravit Pig LifeStart provides newborn, weak piglets with additional energy, vitamins, and colostrum. “The number of piglets born alive per litter and per sow has continuously increased over the years”, explained Dr Peter Rösmann, product manager of AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG.

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"It is precisely the lightest piglets in a litter that show inadequate colostrum absorption and the risk of losing suckling piglets increases due to this. Miravit Pig LifeStart helps piglets to quickly absorb the necessary quantity of colostrum (approximately 250 grams) from the sow as quickly as possible.” Weak suckling piglets can be supported with a dose of 2 millilitres from a 100 millilitre bottle of Miravit Pig LifeStart in terms of closing their energy gap and therefore being able to absorb a suitable quantity and quality of their mother’s milk. The paste is given to the back of the tongue as soon as possible after birth. Very weak piglets can be given a second dose after a day has passed.

Practical trials confirm that compared to animals in the control group, suckling piglets given Miravit Pig LifeStart showed on average 8 per cent greater body weight after the first 48 hours of life, then were 3.8 per cent heavier with regard to their weaning weight. At the same time, the loss of piglets due to using the energy paste was reduced by 2.8 per cent on average. "These results are evidence that the special composition of this readily available energy paste can be beneficial", emphasised Rösmann.

Miravit Pig LifeStart can be obtained from Raiffeisen affiliate partners. Interested parties can obtain further information from the free hotline number 0049 800/682-1133 or via the Internet at