Future through Values AGRAVIS joint conference for Raiffeisen stores

Customers associate the Raiffeisen store Raiffeisen store brand with many positive values – it’s regional, dynamic and credible. The importance of these values and the innovative ways they could be used for the future of retail trade were the key discussion topics at this year’s joint conference of AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG and its subsidiary Terres Marketing + Consulting GmbH Terres Marketing + Consulting GmbH in Hanover, which ended on 17 February.

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Drawing almost 400 participants, the special event for franchise partners broke the previous record for attendance. The motto of “Future Through Values” and input from experts including Dr Dr Kay von Fournier, Dr Eva Stübner and Prof Utho Creusen addressed the spirit of the times and were met with lively interest from the audience of managing directors and marketing managers. “Raiffeisen has always been interested in the subject of values but society changes and new ideas come in, so we want to examine the topic very closely from a variety of perspectives,” explained Thomas Wiesner, head of the Stores Stores division at AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG.

After a very successful financial year in 2015 for AGRAVIS Stores division and its franchise partners, 2016 is set to be dominated by the issues of digitalisation and omni-channel marketing – linking in-store trade with the online world online world. Success factors for the franchise system have so far been the Raiffeisen stores’ regional ‘top spin’, credibility, active market analysis, well trained staff and an innovative and extensive shop concept. “We still have to keep up the hard work, develop new ideas and optimise our product lines in order to maintain our success,” stressed Wiesner. This not only requires motivation and vision, but confidence too. The event concluded with a presentation entitled “No Limits” by guest speaker Joey Kelly, who talked about the motivation he felt to compete in extreme sports and how it would spur him on to achieve top performances time and again. His advice: “Give more than you take.”