K+K Cup: Albersloh secures seats in the AGRAVIS executive box

K+K Cup 2016 K+K Cup 2016: RV Albersloh's fans were able to cheer on their team from the AGRAVIS executive box at the team freestyle competition on Thursday during the "Raiffeisen Market Day" ("Tag der Raiffeisen-Märkte") held at the Halle Münsterland exhibition centre. A particularly creative photo that the club submitted to the AGRAVIS photo competition made this possible.

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The winning photo from RV Albersloh riding clubK+K Cup: Albersloh secures seats in the AGRAVIS executive box
The winning photo from RV Albersloh riding club

All clubs in the Reiterverband Münster involved in the tournament for Münster's Wanderstandarte were able to participate in the competition. Initiated by AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG, the competition is supported and accompanied by Reiterverband Münster (Münster's horse riding association) and Escon-Marketing GmbH. The challenge was to produce a particularly appealing photo of the club's horse riding team. Creativity knew absolutely no limits – Facebook users ultimately decided on the winner via the 'Like' button.

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Albersloh riding club reflected on the roots of the "Peasants' Games". Club members posed in traditional farming attire to create a backdrop for their team. A tractor, cart, pig, hen and calf were as much a part as team spirit and cohesion. "The photo reminds us of a 'Where's Wally' scene! Upon closer observation, new details catch the eye every time," agreed Bernd Homann, Head of Corporate Communication at AGRAVIS, Dr. Kaspar Funke, Managing Director at Escon-Marketing GmbH, and Oliver Schulze Brüning, Chairman of the Reiterverband Münster e.V. The love for detail also did not escape the attention of Facebook users, who rewarded the team's efforts with 699 'Likes', which ultimately led to the Albersloh club being crowned the winner of the photo competition. The Albersloh club thus secured the tickets for AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG's executive box for the second year in a row. Last year, they impressed with an original video for the "AGRAVIS Fan Project".

Greven and Albachten take second and third place

Greven riding and driving club came second with a total of 471 'Likes'. They won a month's supply of horse muesli from DERBY, a subsidiary of AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG. Albachten riding club came third with 368 'Likes' and was rewarded with cleaning kits for the entire team. The clubs from Appelhülsen, Handorf/Sudmühle, Wolbeck, Roxel and Bösensell also demonstrated outstanding creativity; their photos were all acknowledged for their imaginativeness.

A fusion of tradition and modernity

The AGRAVIS photo competition once again showed what the K+K Cup and it's special spirit stand for. In 2015, this indoor riding tournament is taking place at the Halle Münsterland exhibition centre for the 139th time. Yet despite being such a long-standing tradition, the K+K Cup is young, modern and so very fresh that the spectators, exhibitors and naturally above all the riders are impressed year after year.

"I firmly believe that this is due to the tournament's special DNA. Rural competitive riding is as firmly established here as national and international elite sport. Everyone roots for their team, celebrates their successes and, should the need arise, also shares in their failure – regardless of whether an Olympic champion is competing the show jumping course or a dressage team from the next village is being assessed by the jury," concludes Dirk Bensmann, Member of the Managing Board at AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG. "Personally, I always very much look forward to the K+K Cup – and particularly to the team freestyle event."

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