Top results in the image barometer: farmers trust highly in AGRAVIS

AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG continues to enjoy an excellent reputation among German farmers. In north and east Germany – both regions form part of the company's core work area – AGRAVIS ranked number one in the 2015 DLG image barometer in the "Retail and service provision" category.

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Remarkable in this is that AGRAVIS is far ahead of its competitors in this ranking and has increased its lead even further in the eastern federal states compared to last year. Farmers from the west and south of Germany also trust highly in AGRAVIS, as the top rankings show. On the national level, the agricultural trade and service company with its main offices in Münster and Hanover ranked second in the "Retail and service provision" field.

A striking number of German farmers trust in AGRAVIS in the field of feedstuffs feedstuffs. The company was among the industry image leaders in this category. In the north of Germany, it ranked first in the survey. The company is also in the lead among customers in other regions of the "AGRAVIS country". The regional results led to third place overall in the national feedstuffs category.

"The results are great feedback and motivate us further," says Dr. Clemens Große Frie, Chairman of the Managing Board at AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG, of the results of the DLG image barometer. "It shows that German farmers – as our most important target group – trust highly in our service portfolio and products." The ranking is clear confirmation to AGRAVIS of its course that emphasises business activities in Germany. "The German market is our home," says Große Frie. The 2015 DLG image barometer is at the same time an incentive to further reinforce the service and product offerings in the future. "We already rank highly today, but there is still scope for improvement here and there."

The Kleffmann Group surveyed more than 700 farmers for the 2015 DLG image barometer in August and September. The brand index calculated covers four subareas:

  • brand awareness (recognition)
  • current and future brand use
  • satisfaction and preferences
  • image, innovation and communication values