The AGRAVIS customer portal supports agriculturalists with its many functions.

The arable farm belonging to Henning Jacobs and located in Büddenstedt in Lower Saxony has been in the family's possession now for 475 years. Today, the agriculturalist farms 336 hectares together with his son, Felix. The crops cultivated are wheat, sugar beets, barley, rapeseed and rye whole plant silage. The AGRAVIS customer portal assists him with this work.

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Alexander Nergonewitsch, Managing Director of AGRAVIS Niedersachsen-Süd GmbH (left), and Henning Jacobs regularly exchange information on the new functions in the AGRAVIS customer portal.The AGRAVIS customer portal supports agriculturalists with its many functions.
Alexander Nergonewitsch, Managing Director of AGRAVIS Niedersachsen-Süd GmbH (left), and Henning Jacobs regularly exchange information on the new functions in the AGRAVIS customer portal.

The 65,000 kilogrammes of nitrogen, 15,000 kilogrammes of phosphoric acid and the 20,000 kilogrammes of potassium required per year represent the main items on the fertiliser shopping list. Here the farm mainly works on a contractual basis, in the same way as for grain marketing. In addition, of course, other operating equpiment also has to be purchased.

Overview over different business areas

For Henning Jacobs, it is important to retain the overview: which quantities do the contracts comprise? How much has already been called off? Is further operating equipment required? How much grain has already been recorded; how much must still be delivered to fulfil the contract? The agriculturalist also likes to have a clear overview of his delivery notes, credit notes, invoices and other receipts for his business activities: "Accounting, documentation for the cross compliance inspection, confirmations of the budget per holding - we require receipts for very different tasks", explains Jacobs. "It is extremely helpful for our daily business if we can call up the receipts at any time from a single source".

Customer portal fulfils high standards

These requirements on the part of the agriculturalists are something which Alexander Nergonewitsch, Managing Director of AGRAVIS Niedersachsen-Süd GmbH AGRAVIS Niedersachsen-Süd GmbH, is only too familiar with. "With this quantity of receipts with which the farms are supplied, it is easy to lose some of them. It is easier to search for missing documents in a database than for a piece of paper which frequently proves to be the needle in the proverbial haystack". This was the reason why, about five years ago, the customer portal was developed, which records all receipts of business activities between the agriculturalist and AGRAVIS, and which can be called up by the customers at any time via the Internet.

Many functions to make working life easier

From this idea, which originated during dialogues with agriculturalists, a customer portal has been developed which comprises of many functions. These include, in addition to research for documents, credit notes, delivery notes and other receipts, the call-up of account statuses and various assessment options. For example, all invoices or credit notes can be determined for a certain time window, or the remaining open volume of a contract, can be ascertained with just one mouse-click.

Further helpful functions – thematically and regionally aligned to the requirements of agriculturalists - such as the gross price list for plant pesticides, product data sheets, current plant cultivation guidelines, a weather App and much more round off the information stored in the customer portal.

Consistent extension of the portal

"For example, it is no longer a major task to put together a nutrient comparison or the certificates for various verifications", says Alexander Nergonewitsch. The functions are consistently undergoing further improvement. During regular meetings between agriculturalists and the IT Specialists at AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG, new functions are constantly being added to the customer portal. "So it's worth taking a regular look at the portal", says the Managing Director.

Approximately 1,000 customers of the AGRAVIS Niedersachsen-Süd GmbH already utilise the personalised services and applications. Further agricultural centres of AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG and various AGRAVIS technologies provide customers with the possibility to register on the customer portal. Interested parties can request an access at their AGRAVIS business premises. There they will receive a user ID and password. As soon as the access data is available, the personalised data and information can be called up.

For Henning Jacobs, the accounting represents an important field of activity: "We want to run an agricultural business, and it should of course be profitable. All the more important to constantly retain an overview of the commercial figures – and this is best done independent of the day of the week and the time. The customer portal provides exactly the support we need".

Interested parties can receive more information on the AGRAVIS customer portal at their AGRAVIS business premises or their AGRAVIS technology subsidiary.