AdBlue network wishes to expand collaboration

One year after its foundation, the partners in the nation-wide network are able to draw an initial, positive interim summary for the sale of AdBlue AdBlue. "The idea is great", said Johannes Gösling, Managing Director of the Präg Group, during the first cooperation conference for the network in Göttingen. In the meantime, 17 mineral oil traders participate in this sales association, which operates under the name "Blue-Service".

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The partners already supply forwarding companies with fuel and lubricants, and now ensure a comprehensive supply with AdBlue.

Central tasks for AGRAVIS

The AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG, with its Energy Energy Division, which is already a member of Blue-Service, also undertakes central tasks for the association such as purchasing at a national and international level. It provides the sales platform, deals with the Marketing and coordinates the tenders nation-wide. "The requirements on nation-wide delivery, the change and growth in the market and the strong market position of individual providers were what gave rise to the idea of a merger", said Oliver Korting from AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG about the motivation for founding the association.

The stable infrastructure of Blue-Service guarantees a high degree of supply security. Six of the participating companies have their own logistics divisions. Ten trucks are underway for the network. "We continue to strive to obtain new partners for our network", emphasised Korting. The Präg Group joined the association in August 2015. In November, Heinrich Schwarz GmbH, Shell brand partner from Diez, will join, and will then work closely with the Wirtz Brennstoffe Handels- und Transportgesellschaft mbH (Wirtz Fuels Trade and Transport Company).

The market for AdBlue continues to grow

All those present were in agreement that the market for AdBlue will continue to grow over the next years. Not only trucks require this urea solution in order to clean exhaust gases from diesel engines. In the automobile sector, too, the number of vehicles requiring the solution is consistently increasing; after all, the Euro 6 exhaust gas standard came into force from September 2015. "5 to 7 million vehicle in Europe per year are equipped with the SCR catalytic converters for use with AdBlue", reported Korting. Until 2020, 20 million diesel vehicles from German manufacturers alone will be underway with this technology on Europe's roads. AdBlue is also required for agricultural technology and construction and forestry machinery. For Germany, an annual growth rate of 3 percent has been predicted.

In view of this potential, the partner companies wish to continuously increase the perception of Blue-Service on the market and to further intensify the collaboration. Amongst other things, plans are being forged for collaborative sales events, measures to make the association easier to find on the Internet and framework conditions for the sale of accessories such as pumps.