AGRAVIS organising half-time fun at Preußen Münster

AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG, together with its subsidiaries Vovis Automobile GmbH Vovis Automobile GmbH and Baustoffhandlung Theodor Elbers GmbH & Co. KG Baustoffhandlung Theodor Elbers GmbH & Co. KG for the fourth time will be arranging the half-time entertainment at all home league matches of the third division team SC Preussen Münster. We are looking for five new fan teas that want to be active at all home matches...

At all the third division team's home matches last season, five fan teams faced up in six different games such as goal-shooting, tyre-rolling and target shooting, providing some quick entertainment in the breaks. Ultimately, the "Wienburgs Adlerträger" secured first place and a Euro 500 reward for a fan party during the summer break.

Exciting games, great prizes

Simple games with a sporting feel, which will not last more than ten minutes, are being organised again for the new season. Participation in the half-time entertainment at the Preussen Stadium is worth it: There are attractive prizes to be won at each match. In addition, the best three teams at the end of the season are rewarded with great prizes: 1st prize: party with a value of Euro 500; 2nd prize: Euro 300: 3rd prize: Euro 200.

Fan Teams wanted

AGRAVIS is looking for fans, who with up to five people want to form a joint team. Interested fan teams can register at any time via the e-mail address The teams have to have a name, and a team captain as contact and name the other teams members with their full names. The minimum age for players is 18. No more teams will be able to register as soon as five teams have registered!

All the information about half-time entertainment is available here.