Portfolio of AGRAVIS Financial Service: Everything important from a single source

AFS – which stands for AGRAVIS Financial Service AGRAVIS Financial Service. But there is much more behind the simple three letters. As a specialist for financing all agricultural technology agricultural technology, AFS not only offers all current forms of financing, but also adds to these, if required, with insurance, various service offers and the marketing of used machinery. used machinery.

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"In principle, individual packages are always put together with the customer," explains Wolfgang Goeke, responsible at AFS for sales. Experience has shown that all-in solutions always enjoy greater popularity. "At AFS, the customer can select the ideal overall package for them from a tool box. Whether only financing or financing plus securing machine risks through insurance, with or without service," says Goeke. The service portfolio extends, for example, from tyre replacement during the financing term, to full service: "All inspections connected with the financing are also includes"

Technical equipment always more important

Meanwhile, there has been particular demand for safeguarding against external and internal damage to selected agricultural machines through machine insurance. The fact is that an agricultural company's technical equipment represents an ever larger proportion of the assets. In order to be able to afford the repairs for any unforeseen material damage occurring to the agricultural technology, financial reserves have to be formed. "These are typically difficult to calculate, however, tie-in important capital and are also liable to taxation," advises the finance expert. By purchasing machine insurance, the uncertain reserves are converted into a fixed amount – in the form of an insurance premium.

Service under one roof

"The AFS insurance package is cover, which is designed independently for the requirements of agricultural companies," explains Goeke. In order to be able to pass on this service under one roof to the farmer, AFS works very closely with the AGRAVIS-owned insurance company r.v.v.. The insurance package designed for each individual case offers a high level of individual structuring options. For used machinery, this includes extending the "manufacturer's warranty" and even an "All-round happy package". Furthermore, excesses of different amounts can also be selected – as required.

The entire service pallet from AFS can be used for new and used machinery. Customers of AGRAVIS and also third-party customers can be served, says Goeke.

The offer from AFS at a glance:

A. Financing

  • Customer group
  • All companies of the AGRAVIS Group
  • Commercial customers of AGRAVIS
  • Third-party customers

Finance objects

  • All agricultural equipment
  • Agricultural equipment (e.g. barn equipment, silos)
  • Other mobile goods (motorised machinery, golf course equipment, forklifts, renewable energy technology)

Financing products

  • Loans – on-balance sheet
  • Hire purchase– on-balance sheet
  • Rent – off-balance sheet
  • Leases (all versions)

B. Service

Insurance service

  • Machinery breakdown insurance cover
  • Extended nmanufacturer's warranty "light" for used machinery
  • Content insurance
  • Electronics insurance

Partial and full service

  • (Maintenance, wear, vehicle tax) – integrated into the financing if required

C. General details

Flexible financing plan

  • Contractual terms from 6 – 84 months
  • Rapid and non-bureaucratic contract execution
  • Attractive, brand-independent terms and conditions - fixed interest rate over the entire term
  • Transparent costs
  • Individual, flexible payment plans
  • Seasonal instalments
  • Winter suspension
  • Individual special repayments during the financing term
  • Early contract termination/additions can be agreed
  • 100% finance possible
  • Property financing – no land charges

D. AFS tool box

Advice and pricing when selecting the machinery with technology experts from AGRAVIS

Individual, flexible financing

Upon request from the customer, integration of

  • Partial and / or full service (e.g. inspection, tyre changes)
  • Insurance package (e.g. machinery insurance, extended manufacturer's warranty "Light")
  • Machinery marketing

For further information, please contact Wolfgang Goeke, Tel. 04105 . 502-2830, 0174 . 3222436, wolgang.goeke@afs-finance.de or his colleague Tina Elau, Tel. 04105 . 502-2940, 0174 . 3023333 or tina.eulau@afs-finance.de.