Osnabrück University and AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG are successfully cooperating

The expert exchange and acquisition of successors acquisition of successors are the aims of the cooperation between Osnabrück University, Department of Agriculture in Haste, and AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG. The cooperation has already borne fruit.

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The agricultural trading and service company based in Münster and Hanover employs, for example, some former students from Osnabrück University, for example in the sale of agricultural technology agricultural technology and feed advice feed advice. In addition, the company's product managers are working closely with the animal nutrition expert at the university, Professor Dr. Heiner Westendarp. AGRAVIS offers students the start to participate in an internship programme "Grow@AGRAVIS Grow@AGRAVIS". During the internship, the students can, for example, get to learn the entire feed production value-added chain and the sales processes. In addition, interns are possible in the areas of crop cultivation consultancy crop cultivation consultancy and agricultural technology.

Students are also happy to use the offer of writing a dissertation at AGRAVIS. The subjects are varied and range from testing in poultry, to research work on cattle feed cattle feed and quality management quality management to sustainability sustainability. The dissertations are then supported by the departments and by a university professor.

Seminars from AGRAVIS HR managers

There are also close contacts between AGRAVIS personnel development and the university. For example, HR managers from AGRAVIS have already given various seminars on subjects such as "How do I present myself at recruitment fairs? What do companies expect?" or held simulated job interviews. This offer is passed on to the students by the university's Career Center. Another event at the Career Center, which regularly enjoys great interest every year, is the company exhibiution "Treffpunkt Zukunft". During this event, students and companies can form contacxts and communicate with each other.

Overall, the varied forms of cooperation contribute to academia and practice being more closely linked, so that both can profit from each other.