agriculturist develops innovative pig watering place

Klaus Albersmeier from the Lippetal Valley in the Soest County has first-hand experience just from water consumption that pigs are playful creatures. The nipple watering place that up to recently provided the water supply in his fattening stalls were his animal's favourite pastime. Although two of his stalls are only four years old, Albersmeier realised that they needed to be improved. That's why he came up with his own watering place system that not only supplied his pigs with water, but also kept them occupied. Auf das ausgeklügelte Modell ist die AGRAVIS Technik Münsterland GmbH aufmerksam geworden.Auf das ausgeklügelte Modell ist die AGRAVIS Technik Münsterland GmbH AGRAVIS Technik Münsterland GmbH aufmerksam geworden.

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This watering place enables as many as three pigs to drink from an open bottle at the same time.agriculturist develops innovative pig watering place
This watering place enables as many as three pigs to drink from an open bottle at the same time.

The steel construction steel constructionspecialist offers the KA roundabout invented by Albersmeier in its product portfolio and has equipped some stalls with it.

The KA roundabout is the watering place for keeping your pigs occupied all rolled into one. This open watering place is not installed on the edge as usual. It is installed right in the middle of the bay. Albersmeier says the reason is the fact that "it is not unusual for pigs to use the edge for defecating and urinating so that there might be filth on conventional shell water places that are normally mounted on wall. Another benefit is the fact that the watering place can be accessed from all sides. His wife Marianne smirks a little bit when putting in her two bits: "Our guiding principle for our stalls now is right in the middle instead of on the edge".

Watering place with various places to play

This new idea for a watering place consists of a water dish made of stainless steel mounted on a post over the floor where fresh water is constantly fed through a line. The aqualevel provides a constant level of water to allow the animals to drink from an open bottle. Albersmeier has gradually build up the watering place to a system and added various ways for the pigs to play to its functions. This includes a scratching tree, rope to play with or a basket with roughage that gives the pigs some diversion in the bay. This agriculturist even included a way to make work easier when he built it because

you can fill these baskets with roughage from the corridor. Beyond that, you can adjust the rotation and height of the stainless steel arms of the KA roundabouts with one move of the hand so that they are not in the way when moving the pigs from the bay. Dietmar Peppenhorst from Warendorf, Germany is the steel construction specialist at AGRAVIS Technik Münsterland GmbH. He thinks "the KA roundabout is more cost-intensive than conventional watering places; but that investment might just pay off because pig keepers that take part in the Tierwohl Initiative might receive subsidies if they install a KA roundabout and its downstream improvements."

The criteria of the Tierwohl Initiative have been met.

The Tierwohl Initiative was also a good reason for Klaus Albersmeier to get a new watering place. As an agriculturist, he has already met the basic requirements such as being part of a certified quality assurance system, having himself audited once a year and making a standardised watering place check. Beyond this, the KA roundabout meets as many as four selective criteria of the Tierwohl Initiative simultaneously: constant access to roughage, drinking from open bottles, offering ways for the pigs to scratch themselves with a scratching tree and more organic ways to keep themselves occupied. Klaus Albersmeier finishes off by saying that "this investment can amortise altogether within a manageable period for individual companies".

Whoever is interested can get more information about the KA roundabout from Dietmar Peppenhorst at AGRAVIS Technik Münsterland GmbH, steel construction 635472.