on-line tips on the topic of Greening from AGRAVIS

Staying abreast of changes in the greening maze: With immediate effect, the new greening area greening area of the AGRAVIS website offers important background information on the topic of greening as well as decision-making aids for the agriculturist to find the individual greening strategy that is optimally suited for his operation.

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About the background: The Joint Agricultural Policy (GAP) of the European Union (EU) has been comprehensively reformed during the past years and the subsidisation of agricultural operations has been fundamentally reorganised in this connection. The most serious change is that as from 2015, the previous single payment for agricultural operations has been replaced by a so-called basic payment and a greening payment. Obtaining the greening payment is tied to various obligations. Depending on the initial situation, the options for the agricultural operation to reconcile the obligations from an ecological and economic point of view are versatile and complex.

In the greening area the greening area, AGRAVIS is illustrating example solutions to show how ecological priority areas can be integrated into the different crop rotations. Very useful and well structured overview tables and a decision-making matrix simplify filling in the application for agricultural subsidies in May 2015.

Greening also makes special demands on the cultivation of catch crop catch crop on ecological priority areas. To take the new framework conditions into account, AGRAVIS has adapted its popular range of catch crops Topsoil Topsoil: Mixtures complying with the greening requirements are identified by the affix EU to rule out any confusion.

In addition, the current edition of the customer magazine AGRAVIS aktuell AGRAVIS aktuell, which will be published on 1 April, is dedicated to the topic of greening.