"School - and then?": Introduction to AGRAVIS

Wholesale and export merchants, process technologists in the milling and feed industry, information technology officers – AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG offers a wide range of training opportunities training opportunities. Students familiarised themselves with various careers at AGRAVIS at the career information day "School - and then?" held in Münster, Germany on 12 March 2015.

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Trainees and professionals at AGRAVIS let these young people take a look behind the scenes of the agricultural trade and service company which, after all, employs more than 6,100 staff members.

Taking a tour of the company at the Industrieweg address in Münster, the trainees demonstrated the tasks they perform live at their workplace, reported on the experience they had gained and answered students' questions. Three groups inspected among others the feed mill, the location of the AGRAVIS subsidiary FS Trucks FS Trucks and the IT computer centre.

At the career information day "School - and then?", the primary focus was on the commercial professions at the corporate head office and training for process technologists in the mill and feed industry (miller for short). The AGRAVIS corporate group in total offers more than 500 apprenticeships in more than 20 different careers. The apprenticeship ratio at AGRAVIS amounts to nine percent, which is higher than in comparable companies in the industry. This figure includes wholesale and export merchants as well as office management clerks, information technology clerks, mechanics for agricultural and construction machinery and skilled warehouse logistics workers. Also in popular demand at AGRAVIS are the dual training opportunities combining studies and job training to become a bachelor of science in business informatics or a bachelor of arts in business economics.