Equestrianism: Derby Dressage Cup now with six tournament locations

The Derby Derby Dressage Cup enters its first complete season in 2015. Inspections will be held at a total of six tournaments, where young riders aged between 18 and 25 are provided with the opportunity to draw attention to themselves to subsequently receive systematic support from highly qualified trainers. The test series, which comprises a level Inter II dressage and a short Grand Prix at each tournament, starts from 5 to 8 March in Dortmund's Westfalenhallen.

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Sophie Holkenbrink (Albachten) won the first edition of the Derby Dressage Cup.Equestrianism: Derby Dressage Cup now with six tournament locations
Sophie Holkenbrink (Albachten) won the first edition of the Derby Dressage Cup.

The other tournaments are in Zierow, Mecklenburg Western Pomerania (20 to 22 March), the Julibellenhof-Turnier in Prietzen, Brandenburg (5 to 7 June), CHI in Donaueschingen (17 to 20 September), the AGRAVIS-Cup in Oldenburg AGRAVIS-Cup in Oldenburg (12 to 15 November) and finally the K+K Cup in Münster K+K Cup in Münster. It takes place from 6 to 10 January 2016 in the Messe und Congress Centrum Halle Münsterland.

"We are convinced the launch of the Derby Dressage Cup has been successful. We have had lots of good feedback from riders and trainers," says Dr. Hans-Peter Karp, managing director f Derby Spezialfutter GmbH Derby Spezialfutter GmbH. This is why the subsidiary of AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG is providing extensive support to the finding concept of the dressage section of the Deutscher Reiter- und Fahrerverband for a second year. The aim is to reach young dressage riders with a promising prospects. In particular, the focus is on talented riders who are facing the decision whether to remain in the competitive sport. "If a problem arises, support has to be available," stresses national youth trainer Heinrich Meyer zu Strohen. In particular, he stresses that the points winners in the Derby Dressage Cup will be able to rely on support for an entire year.

The first ones to profit from this support are Sophie Holkenbrink (Albachten), Juliette Piotrowski (Düsseldorf) and Lars Schulze Sutthoff (Greven), who came first, second and third in the premiere of the Derby Dressage Cup.

For the chairman of the dressage section in the Deutscher Reiter- und Fahrerverband, Hans-Dietmar Wolff, the Derby Dressage Cup is another component for improving the established system of supporting talent in German dressage sport even more. "We mustn't rest on our laurels," says Wolff.

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