AGRAVIS Technik Weser-Aller is active at its new location in Walsrode, Germany.

State-of-the-art, spacious and high-performance – AGRAVIS Technik Weser-Aller GmbH AGRAVIS Technik Weser-Aller GmbH has moved within Walsrode. The new branch office at the Honerdingen business park with a total plot area in excess of 15,000 square meters offers plenty of room for selling new and used agricultural machinery and equipment used agricultural machinery and equipment as well as for the repair, maintenance and spare parts service repair, maintenance and spare parts service.

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We only moved into our branch office a few days ago including all of our 29 employees from the Gänseweide to the business park that is three kilometres away in the Honerdingen borough of Walsrode. This is where we built a high-performance and state-of-the-art location in ten months of hard work.

Holger Popillas is the managing director of AGRAVIS Technik Weser-Aller GmbH and this is how he sees why the move was necessary. "Our old branch office was located right in the middle of the residential area of Walsrode and only had 2,200 square meters of space. It was simply to small for our large-scale machinery. That's why this was the right move for AGRAVIS Technik-Gesellschaft because we're taking a big step towards the future. After all, this investment gives us the opportunity to show how customer-focused and service-oriented we are. "Our attractive premises with modern furnishings provide the framework for increasing our performance and thus being able to meet or even surpass our customers' demands." Beyond that, the location right between the A7 and A27 motorways made it easier for customers to reach. "Our old branch office was located right in the middle of the residential area of Walsrode and only offered 2,200 square meters of space. It simply had become too small for the large machinery," Popillas explains.

AGRAVIS Technik Weser-Aller GmbH will be throwing a spotlight on its new location at Kupferweg 1 in 29664 Walsrode, Germany. So all of our customers and anybody who is seriously interested will have two days to familiarize themselves with our operation: Our team is inviting people to come and take a peek behind the scenes of our branch office on 21 and 22 February 2015. At our 5,000-square meter exhibition our visitors will get a cross-section of the next generation of agricultural equipment and a lot of used, although not old machines including building and gardening equipment from leading manufacturers. At our Walsrode location, we will be showing the products of well-known manufacturers such as Krone, Fendt, Massey Ferguson, Grimme, Köckerling, Damann and a whole lot more while an open Dutch barn hall has even more room for exhibiting machines and accessories and carrying out spray tests. An open hall with lean-to-roof offers additional space to house machinery and accessories and to carry out spray tests.

But that's not all, we've also prepared other spaces for viewing: For instance, our workshop with more than 800 square meters is equipped with a special lifting platform that can lift as much as 13 tonnes, compressed and and extractionsysem, as well as electronic measureing bed, engine brakes and tyre-fitting machine. A model brake-testing bench has been installed in close cooperation with TÜV. Tests are now possible here, from small trailers to large combine harvesters. 18 employees in the workshop ensure the service is fast and that the machines run properly.

We also store no less than 30,000 spare parts from leading manufacturers in our spare parts warehouse with 1,000 square meters of shelf space on two levels. This is where five employees coordinate our smoothly running spare part service.

Small motor driven equipment such as forest engineering and gardening tools are key equipment in Walsrode. This is why we have an additional exhibition area including receiving repair and a workshop especially for lawnmowers, verticutors, motor saws and a whole lot more. Much more is targeted at our small equipment customers. Finally, our branch office has another specialty in the form of a rental park for telescopic loaders with Bobcat/Doosan machines .

We will be opening our doors from 10 o'clock on 21 and 22 February 2015 with a whole range of activities. If you're interested, we invite you to come visit our new spaces and take a look at our wide range of machines at the branch office of AGRAVIS Technik in Walsrode.