Some useful tips for operators of biogas plants

" We've got our finger on the pulse of the times with this question." That's the affirmative conclusion that Dr. Sabine Rahn arrived at after the 24th Annual International Conference and Trade Fair on Biogas in Bremen, Germany closed its doors. She's an expert from AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG and she talked about "Studies on the effects of products based on ferrous hydroxide when desulpherising biogas plants" there together with Detlef Grüßbacher from Hego Biotec GmbH.

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The speakers dedicated themselves especially to labelling reaction speed using selected factors. Dr. Rahn's opinion was "there were lot of people attending this talk. That shows we are talking about things that are on the minds of a lot of biogas plant operators."

A new book recently published by TerraVis GmbH TerraVis GmbH(a subsidiary of AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG) fits into this topic. Under the title of Desulpherising Biogas Plants, it is a collection of focused expert knowledge gathered in past months and put into proper form. Dr. Rahn describes the background to this literary project by saying, "we put the current situation to the test." This not only has detailed reports on practical experiments, but also a wide range of figures documenting various processes, without forgetting recommendations from the experts at TerraVis and HeGo Biotec GmbH who acted as co-authors.

Desulphurisation is a major issue for many operators of biogas plants. If hydrogen sulphides, sulphides and their intermediate products are imbalanced, this greatly disturbs the biology and therefore fermentation in the biogas plant. Dr. Rahn continued on: "For instance, hydrogen sulfide is toxic and retards the formation of methane which might cause great damage to the system in the long run.

This book was written to heighten awareness among the operators of these plants while providing them with a very compact work with approaches to some solutions including proposals for certain products. For the first edition, 4,000 copies will be printed. First copies can already be exclusively obtained during the EnergyDecentral at the stand of TerraVis GmbH TerraVis GmbH . The book is available from AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG with immediate effect against a protective charge of eight Euro.

The authors point out that "this is a unique description and summary that reflects an enormous amount of expertise in this form that our company is in possession of." Beyond this, this book has a detailed section on its scientific background.

Please contact Jens Petermann at Terravis under +49+251/682-2438 or by email: if you would like to order this book.