AGRAVIS Group draws positive conclusions from the K+K Cup

The European youth team champion, Maurice Tebbel, who is only 20 years old, won the first AGRAVIS Future Prize . Thanks to 3rd place in the Münster tournament and 9th place in the K+K Münster Grand Prix with Sansibar, the young star from Emsbüren overtook the previous leading rider Jana Wargers from Emsdetten.

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To the current AGRAVIS videos of the K+K Cup To the current AGRAVIS videos of the K+K Cup

Maurice – Sohn des dreimaligen Deutschen Meisters Rene Tebbel – war sichtlich stolz auf seine Stute and die gemeinsame Leistung in den drei anspruchsvollsten Prüfungen des traditionsreichen Hallenturniers in Münster. „Der AGRAVIS-Zukunftspreis ist eine Superidee. Hoffentlich wird er im nächsten Jahr weitergeführt“, sagte der strahlende Sieger. Zusätzlich zum Ehrenpreis erhielt er einen Gutschein für Derby-horsesfeed im Wert von 600 Euro. Die 22-jährige Jana Wargers folgte auf dem zweiten Platz des AGRAVIS-Zukunftspreises vor dem jungen Iren Connor Drain.

The agricultural trade and service company AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG was the trigger for the AGRAVIS Future Prize. "I get the impression that this initiative to support young talent has been well received and has also motivated the young show jumpers," concluded Dirk Bensmann, Management Board member of AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG, with a positive conclusion.

"You can't support future riding talent enough," underlines Oliver Schulze Brüning, tournament manager in Münster. "To this extent, we are pleased to be involved and welcome the support from and partnership with AGRAVIS." The tournaments in Oldenburg (AGRAVIS-Cup AGRAVIS-Cup) and Münster (K+K Cup) form the stage for the AGRAVIS Future Prize, a concept that national trainer Otto Becker and national youth trainer Markus Merschformann also helped develop.

show jumpers under 25 years old were able to earn points in the three most challenging jumps at the indoor tournaments in Oldenburg and Münster for this special prize, awarded for the first time. The AGRAVIS Group connects supporting young stars with its commitment to a particular extent to show jumping. With the Derby Dressage Cup, the K+K Cup in Münster also held a final examination series for young dressage riders. The winner here was Sophie Holkenbrink from Albachten.

"During the tournament we had some very good customer conversations," concludes Dr. Hans-Peter Karp, director of Derby Spezialfutter GmbH Derby Spezialfutter GmbH, positively with regard to the presence at the K+K Cup. The Stores Stores department of AGRAVIS, and specifically the category Horse Riding Management, was also happy. "The Raiffeisen Stores day was a great success again," according to Winfried Bertling. Lots of customer contacts were made at the stand itself. And the response to the exam candidates was also very good. Two successful riders signed autographs on the Raiffeisen stores stand on Saturday evening, Patrik Kittel (dressage) and Mario Stevens (show jumping).

To the current AGRAVIS videos of the K+K Cup To the current AGRAVIS videos of the K+K Cup