K+K Cup 2015: AGRAVIS Group is committed to the top riding tournament

The AGRAVIS Group has supported the traditional indoor tournament, the K+K Cup, which is being held from 7 to 11 January 2015 in the Halle Münsterland for the 137th time, with its Stores Stores department and the subsidiaries Derby Spezialfutter GmbH Derby Spezialfutter GmbH and Vovis Automobile GmbH Vovis Automobile GmbH for many years. For the first time this year, there is also a new online shop raiffeisenmarkt.de raiffeisenmarkt.de at the K+K Cup.

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AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG believes the combination of top sport, and support for future riding talent is what makes the K+K Cup in Münster particularly attractive. "In our eyes, this mixture makes up the core of the tournament's brand," explains AGRAVIS Board Member Dirk Bensmann.

Und diese Partnerschaft wird mindestens bis zum Jahr 2018 weitergeführt. „Wir sind davon überzeugt, dass der K+K Cup eine gute Zukunft hat“, betonte Dirk Bensmann. Die AGRAVIS-Gruppe, die in zahlreichen Geschäftsbereichen eine hohe Affinität zum Reitsport besitzt, stehe zu diesem Turnier, so Dirk Bensmann. Das Agrarhandelsunternehmen kann sich sogar eine Ausweitung in der Weise vorstellen, Titelsponsor für das Hallenturnier zu werden, sollten die Namensrechte in den nächsten Jahren frei werden. „AGRAVIS-Cup – das geht einem leicht über die Lippen and hört sich prima an“, sagte Bensmann. Seit November 2014 trägt bereits das Hallenreitturnier in Oldenburg Hallenreitturnier in Oldenburg diesen Namen.

The support for young talent in the separate company support for young talent in the separate company and in sport is particularly important to the AGRAVIS Group, which is why it taking its own approach with two new multi-tournament competitions, the AGRAVIS Future Prize and the Derby Dressage Cup. The final places will be decided in both competitions this weekend.

The emotional highpoint, according to the AGRAVIS Board Member, was the Team Freestyle event as part of the City of Münster Wanderstandarte competition. The rows of seats will be full again on Thursday evening. "I don't know many sporting events where the sparks spread so quickly from the activities to the spectators," Bensmann said, praising this fantastic atmosphere in the hall. The Team Freestyle forms the atmospheric finale on the "Raiffeisen Stores Day".

The show jumping with jump-off on Friday evening from 19.30 hours is supported by the horse feed specialist Derby. This world-class show jumping is also the 1st qualification for the Grand Prix on Sunday. And riders under 25 years can earn points in this competition and in the competition on Saturday, as well as in the Grand Priz on Sunday, for the AGRAVIS Future Prize, which will be presented for the first time by national trainer Otto Becker on the last day.

Driving also has a place in the K+K Cup. The prize in the combined Class S obstacle course for single and double pony and carriages comes from Autohaus Vovis. The car dealership, which is owned by the AGRAVIS Group, is donating a car to the winner of the competition in Münster. The winner will be able to drive home in a Volvo V 40 T2 Kinetic. The Raiffeisen stores, with their riding brand Kantrie are sponsoring the S Dressage for young riders on the Saturday and Sunday.

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