AGRAVIS Action Day "Doing Good Together"

In keeping with the motto "Doing Good Together", employees of AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG donated blood at the group locations of Hanover and Münster. More than 60 donors took part in the action days at the end of November.

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Hans-Georg Bruns (right), deputy member of the AGRAVIS Management Board, also donated blood.AGRAVIS Action Day 
Hans-Georg Bruns (right), deputy member of the AGRAVIS Management Board, also donated blood.

In parallel, AGRAVIS employees were able to have themselves typed for the German Stem Cell Donor Registry (DSD). "It is fantastic how many men and women have looked into this issue seriously and then agreed to being typed", says Grit Gröbel of the DSD. She informed all interested parties about the procedures for a possible stem cell donation.

With regard to the blood donations, the team of the German Red Cross in Hanover and Münster University Clinic were particularly pleased about the first-time donors. "It is marvellous when new donors can be motivated by a day of action like this", the helpers who looked after the AGRAVIS employees before and after the blood donation explained.

In amongst the participants: Hans-Georg Bruns, deputy member of the AGRAVIS Management Board. He also took a seat on a couch in the Münster University Clinic for about ten minutes to donate 500 millilitres of blood. "We did not want to provide only financial support, through our day of action, but also to do something really good. Donating blood at the University Clinic seemed like the best possible purpose to us", said Bruns.

"We were very pleased about the donors' commitment and are planning a similar action in 2015. Perhaps their colleagues' commitment will then also prove to be infectious for other employees", Roland Schäfer, AGRAVIS Personnel Manager, explains. The organizing team deliberately decided on an action that does not offer financial support, but provides assistance in a very personal way and can save lives.

Information about donating blood is available or For information about, and the possibility of, stem cell typing, see