Experts in Wood Matters: AGRAVIS Technology and Binderberger Extend Collaboration

The days are getting shorter, the temperatures are falling – autumn has finally replaced summer. This increases the need to make things cosy at home. For more and more households, this image of autumnal and winter cosiness includes a fire. Offers of Binderberger-Maschinenbau GmbH are available to anyone wishing to produce his own firewood.

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AGRAVIS Technik Saltenbrock GmbH AGRAVIS Technik Saltenbrock GmbH, with its branch in Steinheim in East Westphalia, is an exclusive partner of the Austrians. "We are Bindenberger's only sales partner in North Germany", Dietmar Monsehr is therefore proud to report. He is a specialist in the entire array of products at AGRAVIS Technology. And this array ranges from saws and log splitters for the hobby sector to logging trailers and cultivation cranes through to firewood processors, for which industry has a particular demand.

"In Steinheim, we cover the complete programme", says Operations Manager Bernd Brunsiek. It is no accident that the timber business is a really booming industry. This is also reflected in the Steinheim figures: sales revenues in this segment have trebled over the past few years. Markus Spreitzer, Sales Manager at Binderberger, is therefore full of praise during his on-site visit: "In principle, we only back partner companies that give everything and fulfil every customer wish. It is up to us to grow together with our partners and customers." He added that this was succeeding In Steinheim – not only the figures were good, but the specially trained workshop employees who also ensure the extensive emergency service are constantly booked up. "The set-up simply fits", Bernd Brunsiek emphasises. Customer contacts are established in a wide variety of ways. Requests for quotation from France and England have already ended up in Steinheim, as has an order from the Hamburg police.

Dietmar Monsehr knows that most customers are private individuals who, however, also do not shy away from buying large machines. To make ties with customers as close and trusting as possible, AGRAVIS regularly organizes test days together with its Austrian industrial partner. Dietmar Monsehr's principle is that "interested parties must have an opportunity to see, touch and even try out products". Beautiful brochure pictures alone, he adds, do not provide a convincing sales argument.

The two companies will be showcasing themselves at EuroTier in November, at a stand of more than 400 square metres on the Hanover Trade Fair's open-air exhibition ground. "Our guiding principle was, is, and will continue to be, that we work hand in hand", Markus Spreitzer emphasises. He added that this, of course, also included a joint trade fair presentation.