AGRAVIS Cup in Oldenburg - Here We Go!

It's starting: from 14 to 16 November, the AGRAVIS Cup will make a giant leap forward in the new EWE Arena in the equestrian region of Oldenburg. An equestrian sport event for fans of international sport will begin on Thursday, with participants from around 20 nations, horses and riders from all over the world. The new arena is also a big stage for the region's teams and riders, and this is a strong region when it comes to horses.

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Oldenburg's traditional tournament is well established. The new name, AGRAVIS Cup, which has arisen through the commitment of one of the region's companies, also vouches for this. Riders with celebrity status are coming to the Oldenburg stage of the MASTERS LEAGUE in show-jumping and MEGGLE champions in dressage. Points, percentages and placements with a view to the finals of both series in Dortmund in March 2015 will be awarded in Oldenburg.

The world champions, Kristina Sprehe (Dinklage) and Isabell Werth (Rheinberg), will be present, as will Anabel Balkenhol (Münster), Nadine Capellmann (Würselen) and Hubertus Schmidt (Borchen). In show-jumping, Maurice Tebbel (Emsbüren) and Jan Wernke (Holdorf) will be representing the equestrian region of Oldenburg. The two Weser-Ems riders, even though not yet 25 years of age, are also permanent fixtures on the international stage. Janne-Friederike Meyer (Hamburg) counts amongst the permanent guests of the AGRAVIS Cup in Oldenburg; the six-times German champion Eva Bitter from Bad Essen will be there, as will the winner of the Grand Prix of Rulle, Johannes Ehning (Borken). In Hugo Simon (Austria), one of the world's best-known riders will be present in Oldenburg's new arena. No one has had such a long international presence as the 72-year-old from Weisenheim a.S. in the Palatinate, who has been starting for Austria for decades. Simon has won world cup finals and championship medals.

In sporting terms, classics like the Oldenburg Grand Prix provide climaxes in show jumping. The Grand Prix and the Grand Prix Special in dressage are its equivalent. The international programme is appropriately complemented by the trials of the Youngster Tour and the medium-level tour, which are important to every participant in terms of the development of younger horses. And Oldenburg's AGRAVIS Cup, as in previous years, nails its colours to the mast by integrating up-and-coming rider trials. Experiences gained at international tournaments help the junior and young riders to grow as well as the club teams, which impress every year in Oldenburg with magnificently choreographed team freestyles. The organizers invite spectators to the arena 29 times in all, from Thursday to Sunday, to witness a variety of sport. The Gala Evening on Saturday offers something entertaining, funny and remarkable in all matters relating to horses.

AGRAVIS Cup on the TV

Watching live is best. Those who are too far away still do not need to miss anything. The TV broadcaster Sport 1 is showing the Oldenburg Business Prize live from 3 pm to 4. 30 pm on Saturday, 15 November. Furthermore, the equestrian sport portal ClipMyHorse. Furthermore, the equestrian sport portal ClipMyHorse. TV will transmit pure sport from the arena from Thursday to Sunday.

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