AGRAVIS Presents Innovations for Animal Owners at EuroTier

EuroTier EuroTier is the biggest innovations showcase for the European and global markets with regard to machinery, equipment and operating resources for professional animal husbandry. At EnergyDecentral EnergyDecentral, innovations in the biogas sphere will also be presented. Impressive confirmation of this is provided by 270 innovation registrations, by a total of 156 exhibitors from 19 countries, with the EuroTier organizer DLG (German Agricultural Society). AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG will also be presenting its innovations to the market in hall 14, stand G29, and hall 21, stand D14.

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Herewith an overview:

Crystalyx Piglyx

With Crystalyx Piglyx, AGRAVIS presents an organic activity option for pigs without bedding material, which is being manufactured in a patented production process. It consists of dehydrated molasses, plant fat and mineral substances and has a dry matter content of more than 95 percent. This feed supplement is just as unique on the market as the space-saving presentation form: the rummage box, consisting of molasses block and stainless steel mounting, enables pigs to live out species-typical behavioural patterns on perforated flooring, but takes up a minimum of usable pen area. Crystalyx Piglyx exerts a long-term attraction due to its taste and does not affect the liquid manure system. The mounting is very robust, easy to clean and can be installed on virtually all customary slatted floors in the pen – without having to move the pigs out beforehand. Owing to the special design, there is no risk of injury for the pig. At the same time, it obviates the need for labour-intensive, daily population of the pen with organic activity options like straw or alfalfa hay.

Crystalyx Pickblock

Laying hens require activity to prevent restlessness in the hutch. This is why AGRAVIS has designed the pick block as activity material for laying hens: the pick block consists of various varieties of grain – whole and crushed –, molasses and mineral substances with long-term attractiveness. The special composition and the possibility of grabbing very small gobbets through picking ensure the hens' continuing interest. The hardness additionally supports the natural wear of the beak. Ideally, the pick block will be used in the laying hens' hutch from the fourth week of life onwards in pullet rearing. The daily negligible consumption provides a constant challenge. This produces an effective long-term reduction in undesirable behavioural deviations in fowl.

Miravit Kryptosan

Calves are susceptible to diseases. Even in extremely good husbandry conditions, infection by bacteria, viruses or parasites cannot be ruled out. In the first 14 days of life, cryptosporidia, for one, may occur. These parasites cause gastrointestinal diseases and can be treated only with expensive medicines. With Miravit Kryptosan, AGRAVIS has developed a feed supplement which stabilizes the small intestines. The specific combination of active substances that are valuable in terms of nutritional psychology has a positive effect, in the gastrointestinal tract, on the function of the intestinal mucosa. As a result, the immune defence system stabilizes. Miravit Kryptosan is used as a prophylactic for a period of 10 to 14 days from the second milk feeding onwards. Farms that have tested Kryptosan in practice confirm the positive effect. Application is very simple: in the mornings and evenings, dispense 5 grams using a measuring spoon and stir it into the milk drinks.

Feed with Significantly Reduced N and P

The planned new fertilization regulation is set to limit the use of commercial fertilizers. Particularly the specifications for phosphorus will significantly increase the space requirements for many pig farmers. The application of the new specifications of the German Agricultural Society (DLG) for balancing nutrient excretion and innovative feed concepts can counteract this. In addition to "universal fattening" and "N+P-reduced feed", it will be possible in future to use "feed with significantly reduced N+P". Using the AGRAVIS feed concept Olympig Verro is recommended here. The conception based on digestible nutrients enables significant lowering of the protein and phosphorus content. This reduces N and P excretion. In addition to a significant reduction in the need for liquid manure area, feed costs can also be lowered. In practice and many trials, Olympig Verro has shown that, despite the lowering of the nutrient content, the same and sometimes even more efficiency is achieved. For its own mixtures with significantly reduced N and P, AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG offers corresponding Fisopan feed supplement and Vitamiral mineral feed.

MethaTec Detox S

During fermentation, harmful sulphur compounds are formed in every biogas plant. Apart from sulphide and hydrogen sulphide, it is also sulphate and elemental sulphur that interfere with biology and, in particular, damage plant technology and combined heat and power unit (CHP). That costs money and hinders the smooth operation of all processes. It is therefore important to bind any form of sulphur early on in the fermenter. In MethaTec Detox S, AGRAVIS is presenting, at EuroTier, a special product that binds the undesirable substances effectively and quickly. They are already reduced to iron sulphide during the fermentation phase. Depending on plant operation and dwell time, the products MethaTec Detox S Standard and MethaTec Detox S Premium are used. The iron salts contained in MethaTec Detox S Standard dissolve quickly and react immediately with the sulphur compounds released during biodegradation. Its use is particularly recommended if dwell times are less than 50 days. In MethaTec Detox S Premium, on the other hand, the quick-acting iron component has been replaced by an iron component with a long-term effect. The combination allows peaks in sulphur release, such as occur again and again in the biological process, to be trapped securely. Its use is recommended in the event of dwell times of more than 50 days. Owing to its 50 percent iron content, using MethaTec Detox S Premium is particularly efficient and cost-effective.

MethaFerm Natuphil

If the fermentation substrate is too thin, the biogas plant often lacks the necessary growth surface for the microorganisms. This is where MethaFerm Natuphil, developed by AGRAVIS, comes into its own: the porous structure of the operating material offers the biology in the biogas plant a large specific surface, which is used by the sensitive methane bacteria as an ideal growth surface. The iron component additionally binds sulphur and stabilizes the pH value. Inhibitors such as ammonia are bound due to surface adhesion. This is how MethaFerm Natuphil stabilizes the fermentation in the biogas plant. Its use is particularly recommended in plants whose fermentation substrates tend to be highly fluid. As a result of its effect as a biocatalyst, MethaFerm Natuphil improves the environmental conditions for the entire biological process. Fluctuations are buffered, the biological process is stabilized in the long term and guarantees better gas yields. That improves the efficiency of the biogas plant and conserves resources of substrates, energy and operating materials.

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