DoFu Donaufutter GmbH: Go-Ahead for Construction of a New Feed Plant

On 17 December 2014, the construction work for a new feed plant for DoFu Donaufutter GmbH will officially commence in the Straubing-Sand industrial area. The subsidiary of AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG, which is based in Münster and Hanover, intends to manufacture speciality feed speciality feed on the site spanning 20,000 square metres from the beginning of 2016 at the latest.

"We have had the provisional building permit for a few days", AGRAVIS Management Board member Dirk Bensmann reported in a press interview at EuroTier EuroTier in Hanover. The range of products in the new plant will include mineral feed, supplements, protein concentrates and high-grade raw materials. DoFu Donaufutter GmbH, with a workforce of around ten employees, initially intends to manufacture 30,000 tonnes of speciality feed a year at its site on Straubing Port. Subsequently, it is expected to increase the quantity continually.

Bensmann explained that AGRAVIS looks upon its 10 million Euro investment in Straubing as a way of expanding its already existing business in southern Germany. After all, its subsidiaries and associated companies Höveler and Hamburger Leistungsfutter GmbH (HL) have been selling special feed to farmers there for many years. Their own factory in a region that is dominated by agriculture would spell out saving in logistics and perspectives for growth even in terms of neighbouring markets.

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