International Symposium by Crystalyx Products GmbH

Under the title "Feeding the rumen in a sustainable world", Crystalyx Products Crystalyx Products GmbH held a symposium on Monday (15 September) about rumen health and dairy catlte feed. Crystalyx Products is an associated company of AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG and Carr´s Milling Industry, UK.

Around 100 participants from 17 nations, including official representatives from advisory committees, representatives from chambers and authorities, vets, national and international trading partners, as well as beef experts from Germany and abroad, accepted the invitation from Crystalyx Products - not least because of the renowned speakers, who discussed the topic from various perspectives and documented their theses with the latest research results.

Ian Dalton and Reinhard Pröbsting, directors of Crystalyx Products GmbH, expressed their deep satisfaction with the event. In addition, the latest product developments were presented: "Piglyx" for pig farmers and "PickBlock" for poultry, which in the future will make a large contribution to animal welfare and animal health.