Poster Competition for the AGRAVIS Cup

A very special competition is being held. ESCON-Marketing GmbH and NWZ are looking for new motifs for the presentation of the AGRAVIS Cup AGRAVIS Cup. The equestrian event is being held from 14 to 16 November 2014 in the EWE Arena.

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At present, team world champion Janne-Friederike Meyer decorates the posters and flyers for the event, but now the fans of the tournament can also adorn the advertising with their very own horse riding photographs.

Nach erfolgreichem Start in der neuen EWE-Arena im vergangenen Jahr weht weiter frischer Wind durch die Veranstaltung. "Zukunft beginnt" war bereits 2013 das Motto des Traditionsturniers. In diesem Jahr wird, auch mit Hilfe des neuen Titelsponsors AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG, ein weiterer großer Schritt gemacht. Das Turnier bekommt inhaltlich, mit der Optimierung des Programms and des Umzuges in die neue exhibitionsarena, and äußerlich, mit Fotos von Reitsport-Fans auf Plakaten and Flyer, ein neues Gesicht.

The fans of the event are wanted now! No matter whether the picture is of a hack, a tournament or a snapshot of a meadow: Whatever you like, what involves horse riding and goes with the AGRAVIS Cup is allowed. Three winners will be chosen from all the entries. The winner will become a partner of the AGRAVIS Cup, will find their picture on the tournament advertising, such as posters and flyers, and will receive an exclusive look behind the scenes of the traditional event.

The photos (at least 2 MB in size) can be sent to, stating your full address and telephone number, by Sunday, 7 September (midnight) at the latest. The terms and conditions of entry published on apply to all entrants. Recourse to the courts is excluded.