8th Preussen Talk at AGRAVIS subsidiary Vovis

The popular Preussen-Talk was held on Wednesday evening (20th August) for the eighth time in Autohaus Vovis Autohaus Vovis, a subsidiary of AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG. The exclusive event for sponsors, fan project board and members of the fan team, who participate in the half-time entertainment in the Preussenstadion, attracted 40 well-wishers and fans of the third-division football team to the Volvo, Fiat and Suzuki dealership in Münster.

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Discussing at the 8th Preussen-Talk in Autohaus Vovis (from left): Alexander Heflik, Marcel Reichwein, Abdenour Amachaibou, Marco Aulbach, Phillip Hoffmann, Erik Zenga, Marc Heitmeier, Ralf Loose, Stefan Bergmann and Dirk Kugel8th Preussen Talk at AGRAVIS subsidiary Vovis
Discussing at the 8th Preussen-Talk in Autohaus Vovis (from left): Alexander Heflik, Marcel Reichwein, Abdenour Amachaibou, Marco Aulbach, Phillip Hoffmann, Erik Zenga, Marc Heitmeier, Ralf Loose, Stefan Bergmann and Dirk Kugel

Dirk Kugel, sponsor manager at SC Preussen Münster, chaired the brief discussion with his customary lively form. Alongside head trainer Ralf Loose, six new additions to SC Preussen were on the stage: Marco Aulbach, Erik Zenga, Marc Heitmeier, Phillip Hoffmann, Abdenour Amachaibou and Marcel Reichwein, as well as Alexander Heflik, Sport Manager at Westfälische Nachrichten (WN), and Stefan Bergmann, head editor of the newspaper Münstersche Zeitung (MZ).

The first topic was the DFB Cup defeat last Sunday against FC Bayern Munich. Everyone agreed that it was a successful match and also a good sporting effort from against the defending champions. Trainer Ralf Loose did not want to look back too much, however, and said , "Let's put it behind us and look at the match in Osnabrück on Saturday!" But Stefan Bergmann from the MZ added one thing: "That so many people saw the empty Westkurve part of the stadium on the television was embarrassing for the town of Münster." He hopes that something would happen with regard to the stadium renovation this year, so that the refurbishment or reconstruction could at least be planned in concrete terms. The stadium in need of renovation is a shameful topic, which even comes up regularly on Preussen-Talk without any progress being made.

The six new SCP players, who signed for the club before the season, were introduced to the public, praised the good atmosphere in the team and tried to explain their anything but happy start to the season from their perspective. Striker Marcel Reichwein thought, for example that he could already have scored two more goals. LAter, WN sport manager Alexander Heflik siad that Reichwein had whispered to him that "on Saturday had will get two." Abdenour Amachaibou announced, "we still want to move up and just need a good run, like Dynamo Dresden is having."

Coach Ralf Loose is hoping for lots of points from the next three matches during "English week": "The matches will now point the way, we want to win in Osnabrück and then defeat Erfurt immediately afterwards on Wednesday." He tried to blame the poor start to the series on bad luck with injuries and on player blocks, and again mentioned the regrettable departure of players from the previous season. He defended himself against accusations that the team twice was asleep during the first half agains Rostock and Dresden. However, this was the case against Rostock, but in Dresden there as a regrettable individual mistake, which led to the early and high arrears.

The former Osnabrücker Erik Zenga is excited about the match on Saturday against the old rivals VfL and, when asked what was better in Münster compared to Osnabrück, he replied: "Actually everything: the stadium, the trainer, the players, fans, town and sponsors …" – and by the latest when he mentioned the stadium he earned some slightly annoyed reactions. Marc Heitmeier mentioned what all the players and the trainer tried to explain: "We still have to find ourselves and show our occasionally good performances more constantly and, above all, from the first minute on the pitch."

Andreas Bode from the board of the SC Preussen Fan Project, a department with around 750 members, reported from fans and clearly criticised the ticket allocations by VfL Osnabrück for the match on Saturday against Münster. In addition, he called on the players to briefly come over to the fans at future away matches, who had travelled very long distances. Marcel Reichwein promised to observe this. Andreas Bode again asked the trainer whether there was a vacant striker's position, referring to Stefan Reisinger who is currently in trial training. The answer from Ralf Loose: "No, actuallyreally not."

To conclude the eighth Preussen-Talk in Autohaus Vovis, there were photos, autographs and plenty of motivation for the players for the Derby on Saturday…