Start of apprenticeships at AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG

The starting pistol started the working lives of 15 young women and men in mid-August in the central AGRAVIS corporate offices in Münster and Hanover.

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13 of these apprentices will be trained in future in Münster – as wholesale and export clerks, business administrators, IT clerks, office managers, warehouse logistics clerks, Bachelor of Science IT engieers and Bachelor of Arts economists.

In Hanover, two new employees started their apprenticeships apprenticeships as wholesale and export clerks, and as office clerks.

The employees of the HR department ensured the start of their working lives working lives was successful, as did the senior apprentices with an intensive introductory, in which the new apprentices among other things learned about the corporate culture and central locations of AGRAVIS.

Across the AGRAVIS Group, a total of 164 apprentices are starting their training, 62 in commercial professions and 102 in commercially technical professions. For the first time, the new apprentices include four in the new profession of office management.

At present, 525 apprentices are employed across the Group in 16 professions. The proportion of apprentices in the company is around 10 percent, which is higher than in comparable branches. Consequently, AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG not only fulfils its corporate, but also its social responsibility.