Greening - EU agricultural reform

EU Agricultural Reform

Greening: The structure of the EU crop payment scheme

There will be a structural modification in the EU crop payment scheme in farming going into force in 2015 in the context of its agricultural reform. Here the previous single payment will be replaced with the basic payment and the greening bonus. In addition to that, the first 46 ha of useful agricultural area will receive additional subsidies. Furthermore, there will be a young farmer payment for farmers under 40 years of age and a small farmer payment. All payments along with the basic payment will have to be applied for in combination with the area application by May 15 of the year of application.

In particular, rolling out the greening bonus as part of the first pillar of this scheme will make a number of changes in the requirements made of agricultural land utilisation - all under the catchfrase of diversification in cultivation diversification in cultivation. The following will provide an overview of the requirements of crop cultivation in conjunction with the greening bonus. It will also offer a decision-making tool for laying out what are known as ecological priority areas.

Greening bonus

Three conditions for getting the greening bonus

Greening from direct EU payments - the greening bonus, basic payment and other bonuses

Diversification in cultivation - preserving permanent greenland - ecological priority areas

The greening bonus is linked to three conditions that have to be met for all cultivated areas, irrespective whether there are any claims to payment. Farms that are already operating under ecologically premises or land where asparagus or fruit are produced are the only one exempted from these requirements.

Further current information on the topic of implementing the EU Agricultural Reform in Germany is available here here from the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture.