Apicultural stretch foil for highest demands - guarantee for best silage

TENOSPIN guarantees best silage

As well as optimum preparation of the harvest products, the combination of technology and stretch foil is an important component for the production of a high quality bale silage.

TENOSPIN foils provide high operational safety on your wrapping machines and, with pre-stretches, allow up to 80% maximum economy.

The low air permeability and excellent adhesion of the foil layers guarantees permanently sealed bales.

The advantages of TENOSPIN

  • Excellent flexibility and elasticity result in air-tight wrapped bales for lasting protection. Air permeability remains low even at 80% stretching.
  • Achieves high profitability and best silage quality.
  • Only high quality raw materials are used for TENOSPIN@ to ensure constantly high production quality.
  • Increased strength to prevent punctures and tears. Strong adhesion for hermetic enclosure of high quality fodder.
  • Weather resistant and UV-stabilised for the protection from damaging solar radiation. TENOSPIN@ is a top brand in more than 30 countries.

Product information

Available in rolls of:

  • 500 mm x 0.025 x 1800 m
  • 750 mm x 0.025 x 1500 m
  • 500 mm -24 rolls/pallets
  • 750 mm -15 rolls/pallets

Available in the following colours:

  • white
  • light green
  • eco green
  • dark green
  • black

Trioplast - quality and economy

TRIOPLAST develops and produces packaging foils made of polyethylene for industrial applications and agriculture. Production occurs at several factories in Sweden, Denmark and France, whereby all of them are maintained at the latest state of the art due to permanent investments. We consider quality and environment to be extremely important and are licensed according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

We are aware that successful cooperation is based on constant further development. For this purpose we combine expertise and creativity in the product development and attempt to recognise future requirements at an early stage and realise them also under consideration of economical aspects.

AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG with the local Raiffeisen agricultural cooperative societies is a trade partner for Tenospin stretch foils.