Tenoplus R/RS – excellant quality feed at the highest level of efficiency!

Tenoplus is a foil prestretched and compressed at the factory and produced in accordance with the unique PreTech technology. It was developed specifically for the requirements of contractors who want to improve their efficiency without having to compromise in feed quality.

This foil has particularly proved its worth with round bales. It is available all over the world in a wide variety of running lengths up to 2,600 metres with more than 30 million wound bales .

The Tenoplus RS foil is the solution for all cuboid bales and has stood the test of time on various winders over many years. 1,900 metres of foil per roll provides 27 percent more bales without interruptions in comparison to the standard role at 1,500 metres.

The unique selling points of TENOPLUS

  • more bales per hour and roll with lower idle times
  • minimal air penetration with prestressing/compressing
  • excellant adhesion, extremely smooth platform on the bale and no compromises for maximum feed qualities
  • outstanding tear resistance
  • less environmental contamination with a foil that is thinner and more efficient
  • maximum economy

Product information

Supplied in rolls:

  • 750 mm x 1900 m
  • 730 mm x 2000 m
  • 730 mm x 2600 m

Available in the following colours:

  • white
  • eco green
  • green