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SilotitePro, a high-tech, pre-orientated stretch foil, provides agriculturalists and contractors triple advantages - an improved bale-wrapping process, substantial cost savings and increased harvest quality.

5-layer technology - SilotitePro is produced from state of the art raw materials and with the advanced 5-layer extrusion technology. This unique manufacturing system optimises and guarantees a high-performance foil structure, and is thus highly resistant against stresses from modern, complex packaging machines.

Longer rolls - The additional length of SilotitePro permits users to package more bales per roll, with fewer roll changes being required. This optimises your machine investments.

Improved oxygen barrier – the SilotitePro profits from an improved oxygen barrier, which is decisive for excellent conservation of the harvest.

Suitable for the combined round bale wrapper - SilotitePro has been especially manufactured for application on modern, complex, high-performance combination wrappers.

Worldwide UV-protection - the SilotitePro is used worldwide from Northern Scandinavia down to Central Australia; SilotitePro is therefore available in numerous UV formats in order to protect the bales against all weathers.

European Patent No. EP2193026 – SilotitePro is a patented foil technology, protected under the European patent No. EP2193026.

Certified acc. SP standard - Silotite was inspected and certified by the SP Technical Institute of Sweden, a leading international research institute.

Better for the environment – because SilotitePro uses thinner and therefore less foil weight in order to wrap up bales, this means that less of the 100% recyclable stretch foil has to be recycled.

Technical specifications

Width (mm)Density (μm)Length (m)Pallet dimensions (cm)Rolls/ pallet (pcs.)Pallet height (m)
750201950125 x 100401.7

SilotitePro is available in:

  • eco green